What Zenimax IPs do you see Xbox putting in the game pass promotion photo? Which current ones do you think they’ll remove if any?

This photo


Just for fun what Zenimax characters/IP do you think Xbox will add once the Zenimax acquisition is finalized?

I think Doom slayer, a Fallout Power armor and dovakiin are sure going to be added, along with whatever becomes the face of Starfield whenever it gets a full reveal.

The only one I see being removed is outer worlds. Outer worlds isn’t huge like BGS RPGs, and it’s DLC won’t be one that pushes graphics like the Gears 5 one that is coming. Halo infinite is coming soon and Sea of thieves, Minecraft and Forza Horizon 4 are ongoing GAAS that aren’t losing relevancy in the next year I think.

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Maybe swap Outer Worlds for Grounded, but an Obsidian rep is a must. Throw in Doom Slayer, Dragonborn, Vault Boy and Corvo/Emily.


I forgot about grounded. That would be better, it could use more family friendly Ip on it.


Overall, I think we’ll start seeing a mix of these for Game Pass advertising:

Halo (Master Chief)

Gears (Kait & Marcus)

Forza (The Legendary Forza Car)

Sea of Thieves (Pirate)

Ori (Ori)

Minecraft (Steve/Alex)

Grounded (Some Youngin’)

Fallout (Vault Boy)

Elder Scrolls (Dragonborn)

DOOM (Doom Slayer)

Wolfenstein (Blazkowicz)

Flight Sim (Some Airplane)

Psychonauts (Raz)

Hellblade (Senua)

Fable (Fairy)

I think they’ll try their best to have a mascot from most of their studios. Makes both a statement for Xbox Game Studios and Game Pass as a whole.

Of course, they could go the Klobrille route and be more specific and do ads for “Your Next Favorite INSERT GENRE HERE”. Could be easy for Shooters and RPGs with their current staple.


Starfield I think is almost certainly coming sooner so that and some sort of Skyrim 10th anniversary celebration update that will probably happen would be marketed before fable. No need to market something that far out yet in my opinion

That would work well. It would drive the message well that Xbox has a lot of games in genres. Shooters and RPGs being among the bigger genres helps too.


Forgot about this picture. Car is my favourite Xbox character! So, looking at this, I’m noticing quite a few studios characters are missing from this. Deeply annoyed there is no Banjo or Conker.

Can definitely see Doom Slayer next to Chief.

I just want them to hurry up and put Dishonored 1 on game pass. I know it’s currently on sale for £4.50, but I’m resisting on principle lol

Honestly for Elder Scrolls I would like for them to put Akatosh in the background encompassing all other characters under his wings.