What was your honest opinion of the Xbox games showcase?

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Things I liked about the show :

  • Everything is coming to gamepass including some unexpected surprises I will eventually try out (DQXI and Destiny )
  • there wasn’t much shown of it and despite it being predicted a lot (PoE elders scrolls game) I was still pleasantly surprised by Avowed
  • Fable finally confirmed for real
  • Everwild still looks great
  • psychonauts 2 continues to seem cool

Things I was bummed about :

  • After 3 years of being rumored all of the Fable reveal was just a CGI trailer
  • There was lots of stuff already announced or revealed shown , I don’t need a show to be entirely new things but it felt like there was a lot of stuff shown where I could immediately go “I’ve seen this before and already have an opinion on it “ so I just kinda tuned out those parts .
  • Everwild was a cool trailer , and I try not to do this for games too often , but it would have been nice if they showed us what within that trailer is supposed to be gameplay loops
  • The show painted a picture of an xbox ecosystem that will be more exciting come 2022 or later than 2021

I’m gonna play it since what the hey but don’t really care about halo so that didn’t impact my feelings on the show as much as it did the whole entire rest of the internet . overall with some time away from it I think it was a good/okay show , but it and everything else since about May has shown microsoft probably would have had an amazing e3 show that’s now suffering due to being split into bits and pieces .


Really enjoyed it and only really felt it needed more Gameplay for each game. The Destiny trailer had a good balance of cinematics and Gameplay. Definitely an 8 out of ten for me.

while i approved the content very much, i can’t get excited with the amount of CGI, in engine-callwhatever, it shows they were in need of content to show and the games are all very early. the whole live service games worries me too. also no games running on the XSX is a bummer for me. voted 6/10 because of Halo as would be lower w/o it.

my most wanted game wasn’t even on the show, TUNIC.

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I thought it was a good showing. It was great to see a new IP in Avowed being announced. Infinite’s mechanics look right on the money. Stoked for Everwild and Fable.

Was dissapointed in Hellblade 2 not getting anything new shown. Then i remember we’re in the middle of a pandemic and its ok.

7.5-8 on the score for the showcase really, it was a good showing from their first party, unfortunate that quite a bit of it was CG but it is what it is during this pandemic and everyone WFH.

Even though Fable and Avowed were CG trailers I am still excited for them, Playground for what they can pull of with an RPG and Obsidian because they finally get to make their first big budget RPG in ages.

The most baffling thing with the showcase was the Hellblade 2 segment but I guess we’ll have to wait a fair bit longer to see something more well ingame for it.

not sure how 8/10 is ok/average but about an 8, thought it was great

probably would of thought higher if Fable wasnt such an open secret. Personally was never that bothered with so much CGI, would rather have it than not have any of those games at all and since you know…we are living in a pandemic i could understand that things got pushed and vertical slices weren’t done on time/at the quality publishers wanted so we got CG instead.

my buddy and I were losing it with Halo, had a great time enjoying all the smaller games, got hyped for Avowed and you know we were incredibly happy to see Fable become official and all on gamepass, hard to say its anything lower than good

I think this show was on the same level as the sony show. 1 game with gameplay and rest cinematic trailers.

8/10 but as a big fable fan, and only because of fable, 10/10 :sweat_smile:

For me it worked pretty well. It wasn’t the show all end all of shows, but it showed the roadmap of games qe can expect over the next couple of years. I am really happy about Halo Infinite, the Forza Motorsport and Fable announcements, but also Avowed and State of Decay 3. The only gripe I had with the show was that almost everything seemed far away. So I am not really sure whats coming after Infinite on launch

I would give it a 9/10, but it needed more gameplay.

Personally, I thought the show was an 8 or maybe an 8.5. I understand that there was a fair amount of CG trailers, but that didn’t stop me from getting excited for these games (i.e. Avowed, Fable).

Even with the Halo demo, I actually really liked what they showed. I know it wasn’t visually amazing but on a whole it looked really fun and it really gave me some major Halo CE vibes.

The funny thing is I just watched the show without reading anything online at the time. After the show I was actually excited for the future of Xbox. I then went on Resetera to check it out, and I honestly felt like I was in Bizarro world. Haha tons of people hated the whole showcase. It honestly made me question if everyone on that forum was being ironic or something. Lol.

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Not an opinion I expect to be widely shared (only one who went with the terrible option so far in the poll)

But truthfully I can’t say it was that terrible but I’m hard pressed to give it more than a 4/10. My take away is that Xbox hasn’t managed to convince me that a) I care about the hardware in any meaningful way b) there are sufficient interesting exclusive games that warrant a comital to Xbox over other consoles and c) the games that are there will be fun.

I was left with a sense that the hopes are pinned on halo, and what to be fair is a decent business model in gamespass/ultimate.

Nothing, not even halo really excited me about the showcase. I watched out of obligation. Between my wife and I we have the suite of consoles/well spec’d PC and the only real reason we still use the Xbox is due to it being 4k capable, whereas the PS4 isn’t.

I loved it! Easily my favorite showing of E3, and I was shocked to see everyone crapping all over it on other sites. If only they had just thrown up a tease for Banjo or Perfect Dark as a mic drop, I dont think anyone would be crying about it now.

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I really enjoyed it. I would have liked to see more game play but at the end of the day I was happy to see some diverse content to look forward to in the years to come. A lot of what we saw may be a couple years away but it’s nice to see what we can expect by investing in the Xbox ecosystem after all those acquisitions.

And we still didn’t hear from all of the XGS studios.

Speaking honestly I thought the actual presentation was very slick and well done.

Halo felt like it dropped the ball a little but the gameplay was spot on, it just needed that wow factor with the visuals and music, still I think it will be a hit when it comes.

The actual content was lacking gameplay or in engine stuff which is understandable given many if these teams are no where near complete on their projects. That being said I’m very very happy with the sheer volume of games coming and not just the smaller titles … we’re getting big high quality games in so many genres.

Game of the show for me was Avowed. Something about Obsidian with a big budget makes me giddy. They’re going to deliver some really special games you won’t find anywhere else. I guess the same can be said about the other teams too, literally all of them.

Since when 8/10 is okay/average?

I consider 8/10 as good.

6/10 is average

and 4/10 is underwhelming

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I was excited for all the XGS games that was announced. But the presentation was just boring to me. It came off to my as MS trying to copy Sony’s presentation style (I also found Sony’s event alittle boring). Sony just had a bunch of trailers with short developer comment so MS did the same thing. I kind of wish they did something original. Forget Sony and do your own thing…

The closest to my vote is the 8/10 as my personal feeling is that the show as a 7.5/10 overall. Halo Infinite somewhat underwhelming me in the state it was in dampened my mood some, but objectively they showcased some great upcoming games.

Avowed, Psychonauts 2, Fable!, State of Decay 3 and even Forza Motorsport being announced or showcased all have me hyped for the future of Xbox.

Halo Infinite despite it’s technical issues and not being that next gen leap visually irked me but the gameplay not only felt like Halo it looked fun as hell.

Then the show flowed well with no wasted time on a bunch of corporate talk and the promise of more to be shown of the studios we didn’t have at the show. The production was great.

I think if they’d have shown gameplay footage of Hellblade II, even if it was just a slice of Senua staring off into the land, would’ve bumped the how up even more.

Wouldn’t it was okay/average be a 5/10? :stuck_out_tongue: I know people don’t really use the number scale properly especially when an 8/10 is considered okay :wink:

That being said I voted for complete cgi fest, sadly cgi doesn’t do much for me, but it was nice to see announcements for games that interest me announced.

So I am optimistic for the future of Xbox :)!

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