What third-party AAA games do you believe/want to launch on Game Pass Day One?

For me March/April have been the best Game Pass months in history. Not only because personally I have been really enjoying Outriders from day one, but particularly for what this month means for the future of the service. Knowing that huge AAA titles in the future will launch into the service from day one is a game-changer, and completely switches the perspective on the service. Before we were sure to get all Microsoft first-party games day one with the service, along with the ocasional AA and indie game as well. Now we at least know some AAA third-party games can and will end up in the service day one. It’s open season now, the floodgates are open and the imagination runs wild.

Which ones will end up day one on the service, in your opinion? And which ones are your personal wish?

Looking in the short-term, Hood: Outlaws and Legends is launching in May and looks to be a multiplayer-only game that is not gathering as much fanfare as it probably wished, and could very well use that Game Pass boost, much like Outriders. Not placing any bets, but in my opinion it’d be a great game to have day one on the service, although if it is indeed an AAA game, that is open to question.

Back 4 Blood is my personal wish and a realistic chance of happening I think.


I’d like for them to get a big Japanese game on Game Pass day 1. Scarlet Nexus is my “realistic” choice as Xbox has the heavy marketing deal anyway. I would prefer Tales of Arise as that looks far better, and I think Xbox has a marketing deal (they had the E3 announcement anyway, hard to tell because there isn’t a marketing campaign for it yet). Game Pass has been working wonders at building up a fanbase for Japanese games on Xbox and I think getting a big one like one of these day 1 would get a lot of attention from fans of games like these.

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Battlefield 6. I don’t know if I want to spend 60 on this since I’m already buying so many games this year, but I’d be hella hyped if this was a day one release on Game Pass. Either way, it’s definitely going to hit EA Play at some point. It’s just whether it’ll be a day one release or not. I hope the third-party AAA FPS that may most likely hit Game Pass day one is indeed Battlefield 6.


Upcoming -

  • Resident Evil VIII: Village

It’s highly unlikely as Capcom and Resident Evil are on fire right now but this would be great for me as I have no interest in their DLC and will be buying it day one for Series X so to save another $50 sounds great to me!!!

Long term wise -

  • Far Cry 6

I have had my fill of COD/BF over the last several years but I love Far Cry for the most part and would love to see Far Cry 6 hit Game Pass day one. Even if it’s Ultimate once Ubisoft+ gets added to the service. That’s fine as $15 is better than $60.

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Resident Evil Village and Nier Replicant remaster. Simply because I want to play those games but didn’t wanted to spend money on them lol


Second this, I find it’s easier to get a group of friends together for these co-op games if they are in gamepass, only roadblock I see is if it’s releasing too close to Darktide they may not want to have those clashing, so hopefully there’s some space between those. I’d also happily take Battlefield if the rumours are true. Looking at the list of stuff coming this year, there’s not much. I’ll happily take anything that comes though really, I’ve got plenty to keep me going from the service for the next year already within 3 months.

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Mine too but i feel like Resident Evil won’t happen because people will happily pay for it.

FF7 remake, Judgment, Nier Replicant or Scarlet Nexus : any one of them would be megatons.

But yeah, Hood is more likely as it could use a good population boost on launch.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Once we are there all things are possible

Yeah, and I’ll happily pay for it too! It would just help me financially if it was on Game Pass.

I’m of the opinion this practice is great but probably largely a thing only in quarters with droughts for first party and third party ecosystem exclusives.

In terms of upcoming games, I think Scarlet Nexus and Back 4 Blood are pretty safe bets. In terms of what I’d like to see, there are a couple of games like Elden Ring and Gotham Knights that I can’t justify paying full price for but at least have some interest in.

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Games that aren’t going to sell well on xbox. Stuff like Tales of Arise and Scarlet Nexus.

Even though I would pay for arise. I think you’d make way more money and even sell more copies by putting it on gamepass.

Ms need at least one day and date jrpg. Tales of arise seems a great choice.

Elden ring would be insane.


I’d love to play Biomutant on launch, but R$330,00 is insane. Launching into gamepass would be a megaton for me.

Realistic: Back 4 Blood, Scarlet Nexus. The sucess of Outriders could also means a chance for Suicide Squad launching into gamepass next year.

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Here’s a bold prediction by me which is dying light 2 a pay out by Microsoft would cover some of the long development costs as we know development has been trouble some to say the least and more people get to play it day 1 it’s a no Brainer do I expect it? Probably not but I could be wrong


From a business perspective FIFA 22. Great way to gain a lot of ground in the european market and gain a few million extra subscribers.

From a personal perspective I’m happy with all of the mentions in this thread. Elden Ring would be AMAZING.


You could give people Series X for free and a copy of FIFA and Europeans would still buy it on Playstation. Apart from Germany and UK every other Euro country doesn’t give a shit about Xbox.

Just look back on the PS3/360 gen. Europe is Sony Land. Basically like Japan except xbox does a bit better.

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Nah.Sony Land is in your head. This goes for every region. They’re not against Xbox, Sony just does a better job marketing their games over there and invest heavily there. Once MS does the same we will see a change. Even in the 360 era MS never really took those markets seriously enough. Just my 2 cents. I fully believe that the landscapes in Europe and Japan and even other regions will change in favor of Xbox. With Phils leadership, MS is going to take those markets really serious (for the first time) and things will change.

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FIFA 22 would be insane on day one but I think PES2022 using Unreal Engine is more realistic for the Game Pass launch.