What is one thing you do NOT want to see from the PS5 event tomorrow

I personally do not want to see Starfield locked to a 1 year deal. I can live with FF16 being timed since thats something you normally associate with Playstation but a new IP from Bethesda who is a known third party developer/publisher would just be devastating.


Same, the Starfield game being console exclusive.


Ill take anything except that. Dont care how anybody will sugarcoat it this will be a massive blow to the xbox series x.

Any multiplat game I want to play being locked down as a timed exclusive or with significant exclusive content on the PS platform. I expect I will see it and be disappointed so just expecting the worst really. Do not care at all about final fantasy so they can have that one for their internet points.


Wouldn’t be shocked if Starfield is on Sony’s show since Sony did already pay for Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo. Can easily see Bethesda accepting a payday from Sony.

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I personally dont care if its on the show. Id be disappointed if turns out to be locked for 1 year.

I believe pete hines said earlier this year that they wont talk about starfield this year. Who knows though, plans could change

He also tweeted this in august https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/1290030141352087552?s=20

I don’t want to see this. 13, its 2 sequels, 15, and all the re-releases have been on Xbox, not having 16 on Xbox within a year of its release is just insane to me. FF is a title I’d buy a system for, and I know it’s not a PS5 release title but I’d have to consider getting a PS5 just for Final Fantasy when it released.


It absolutely sucks for the reasons you said but I can understand Square doing a deal with Sony like they did for FF7R.

Aside from gross timed exclusivity stuff? I hope if they announce the price, it isn’t too high, for my Sony-only friends.

I’ll be super disappointed to see timed exclusivity for Final Fantasy.


I hope to not see any sony acquisitions, as a pc gamer they make me sad.

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Like others have mentioned; big multiplatform games moneyhatted for timed exclusivity. If they pull that shit with Starfield I’m never buying a Sony-product ever again in my life.


I’m fortunate to have absolutely zero concern for the Final Fantasy franchise so yeah personally, couldn’t care less if the next game would be timed or who knows, full exclusive even. But I do get how many people would be upset about it so it’d definitely be shitty but I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Other than that I see some people mentioning Starfield being potentially moneyhatted, even Rand said it in the recent video. Now that would be surprising and a lot more upsetting. I however just think the game isn’t gonna be shown at all.

The only thing I do not want to see is some sort of moneyhatting for franchises that were multiplatform the last years.


Fuck it, 5 for both.


  • Miles at Launch
  • $500 USD or Less for Disc System
  • The rumoured Sully game
  • Black SKU
  • More gameplay of Horizon, Returnal, Sackboy, Destruction All Stars, Spidey.

Don’t Want:

  • Western AAA third party time exclusives. I can let Japanese games somewhat slide due to cultural preference slide barely but don’t want them moneyhatted either.
  • Price over $550 USD for disc version
  • Moneyhatted “PlayStation Advantages” (i.e. Timed DLC)
  • Pre orders open at a bad time
  • Limited 2020 stock

Agreed ever since FF13 I’ve associated Final Fantasy games to be multiplatform. I would honestly be disappointed if I have to wait a year for FF16.

Also FF16 being a time exclusive title goes back to tired of talk of Xbox gamers not supporting Japanese games. I feel many don’t support due to availability and you have to build groundwork somewhere, so releasing popular Japanese titles that release same time as Playstation is a solid start.


I’d say a money hat of a large 3rd party exclusive. I’d rather Sony invest that money in additional first party content (which by all accounts they manage quite well) or in providing funding for AA games that need it, rather than preventing PC/Xbox players from playing FFXVI or whatever it may be for a year.


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No money hats of any kind. I’m just tired of the bullshit.