What if...? | Yoshinori ONO leads Xbox Japanese based studio

Disclaimer: If this ends up being true it will be a massive coincidence, lol.

So since ONO announced his departure from Capcom I was wondering who from the Japanese scene has a “strong” & “familiar” kind of relationship with Xbox and the Dead Rising Director showed up right there.

So this could be a golden opportunity to get him in the payroll.

Pd, also Shinji Hashimoto has become a familiar face in last years and I had the chance to talk with him 2 years ago, but I don’t think SE could let him go by any means.


New Killer Instinct let’s gooooooooo

lol it would definitely be dope to get someone super experienced and established like Ono on a First Party Japanese studio, it’d bring in a lot of trust from other Japanese publishers and developers and reinforce Xbox’s continuing seriousness to work with Japan as an explicit priority while also bring in huge talent that’s handpicked by someone as experienced as him. It couldn’t work just putting any random person in power.

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Ono when it was announced SFV is a PS4 console exclusive:

There’s plenty of time to save $300 before the game comes out. The PlayStation 4 is at a very attractive price point at the moment.

That doesn’t sit right with me. Not sure he likes Xbox or Xbox him. Undeniably talented though.

that’s a big Y I K E S ngl lol Let’s see if things have actually changed though.

He couldn’t run Capcom Division 2 well & was responsible about all the bad decisions of making SF5 including exclusivity to Ps4, later Capcom moved him to Division 4 with a smaller rule & now he’s gearing to leave.

I think there’s a better choices for Microsoft in Japan, also hopes all the best for Ono-San. My guess he’ll find new journey with SNK.


Wasn’t there a dispute internally at capcom because he made some bad decisions? I imagine he’s great in a development role but not sure he’s a good pick for a leadership position if those reports are true.

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I know, but as I said, there’s (currently) a few names of people that have worked with Xbox in the past to know what a First Party studio feel like.

As much I would love to see SE names move to Xbox, it would either make a backlash from fans as their roots are well funded on Sony and with Marvel Avengers you get a reminder of that.

Probqbly the game will run smoother on One X though, so you counter with exclusive content :sweat_smile:, but this thread is not about that.

Maybe mistwalker?

Isn’t Mistwalker like 10 people or sumn at the moment? They’d have to hire tons and tons of people if they need to become a first party making flagship JRPGs

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Mistwalker would be an interesting acquisition but they would have to staff up considerably since they mainly handle the story and design while relying on other studios to handle the actual development.

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I am sure he is super talented but I really wonder if he wants to run his own Xbox studio and make stuff? Seems like the kind of person that will probably start his own team and Kickstarter some spiritual successor to SF lol.

I would imagine that for the Asian region and first party, they would prefer to outright buy a studio or multiple rather than build one from scratch like The Initiative. There has been some clear indications as to what they are looking for.

Whatever investment they do eventually in the Asia region for studios, I wouldn’t expect to hear from anything happening for at least a year or two.

I mean money would not be a stopping point isn’t it

They could still be a concept/design studio and outsource to oblivion to take 2 or more projects at once like they did with Ms during the LO BD days