What game would you love to be able to play again for the first time? (any platform)

It’s probably the last time I started a new Pokémon game going in blind, not knowing what new creatures I would find, gym leaders, etc…

And yes, I had not played Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire at the time, so it was indeed new for me.

When I ran a Pokémon website here in Brazil later on I used Ray as a nickname based on Rayquaza.


Ocarina of Time for me. It’s not my favorite LoZ game by a long shot, but I remember the months I spent hyped, reading every bit of information I could about it, combing through every article prior to release. Booting it up for the first time, the intro of the fairy flying through Kokiri Forest…it just felt slid, felt like a culmination of gaming as well as a look into the future. A huge step up technologically from what I grew up playing on DOS/Apple II, NES, etc.

Saaaaame. Emerald was the definitely game of my childhood and is still a game I go back to once in a while. Rayquaza was certainly one of the main reasons, such a cool Pokémon and the lore itself was very interesting, that one cutscene of Rayquaza coming to stop the fight between Kyogre and Groudon was one of the most hype moments in all of Pokémon. Outside HGSS and Fire Red for me, Emerald is definitely the best Pokémon game. Granted its a bit dated now because of the lack of QoL changes that came later, especially the Physical Special Split and all that, but I play a lot of ROM hacks these days and they have all these QoL changes and more making it super good for me.

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Oh my, every now and then I watch that cutscene again on YouTube!

I still have my cartridge, but I lost my GBA charger :frowning:

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Hahah Yesss.

And yeah, please take care of the cartridge haha, probably gonna be one of the more valuable relics in the future!

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Came here to say this. I’ve played it for how many times I don’t even remember, but I still talk about it with my friends and family to this day, it still has things we keep wanting to figure out, a new perspective on what the ending meant, so on. The first time is still one of the highlights of my gaming last gen.

Playdead makes one game a generation and makes it the game of that generation. :fax:

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I still play looking at both versions when I play. There are certain places that I find it easier to see things in the original game, and at least one place that I’ve found that the game hangs for a second if you’re in the anniversary view in the opening level (just before you encounter the first covenant who come in through the escape hatch where you can get an overshield). Of course, I also play with skulls on for larger explosions and grunts dying in plasma explosions, so that could be impacting my performance :blush:.

Pokémon is a good choice as well.

A friend loaned me his old Gameboy and a copy of Pokémon Red for a while back when I was in school, let me play through a few times. That would be cool to experience again new. I almost always chose Charmander even though it meant a ton of grinding before the ground and water gyms early on.