What Do You Think Will Open and Close the Xbox Games Showcase?

I am just going to speak for myself but thats kinda weak

Considering they’re the only announced games, also I find it a bit crazy you would think Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Starfield and AoE4 in a single year is weak. That’s a racing game, RPG, FPS and RTS all AAA, none of the 3 major players have ever had that in a single year.

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Weak in terms of one new announce game FH5 and alot of smaller games (not bad) for an E3 event it should have bigger stuff imo

It seems like your excitement levels are based of if a game is newly announced or not which is a bit weird. So if Fable was to come out this year and show gameplay at E3 it wouldn’t be good because it was teased last year, that to me is just absurd. I honestly can’t take what you’re saying seriously when you say Halo/Starfield/AoE/Forza Horizon are all weak and not “big” enough for E3. Starfield and Halo gameplay showcases alone are enough for E3 showcase they’re that big.


… NO its just if thats all first party that are going to be there that is weak to me

I would hate to think about your thoughts on the last 4 years then if you think that’s weak haha.


The last 4 years is a little different cause the studios were just bought but as right now I need to see more then just those 4 games plus only 3 of the will be on the console day one

I wonder MS will deal with two conferences that existed before - Xbox and Bethesda. Maybe they will merge into a single one.

I hope we will finally see some gameplay of anything.

Bruh Halo infinite Starfield FH5 Hellblade 2 are a weak showing? What the fuck lmao

Of course they can reveal new IPs, we just don’t know who will, so that’s why it’s less likely to be on a list. Like for example we don’t know what’s that Global Publishing open world game.

Consideing all the factors like I would say yes for me it would be

Cool. :+1:

That’s four blockbusters, each in completely different genres, all in the release window of 2021-2022. That’s more than exciting for me, and I’m not disappointed because I know these are not the only ones coming.

Ya I dont think thats going to be MS full show tho but if it was kinda weak to me like were is Avowed Everwild Wolf 3 Arkane Austin game and Compulsion games new game Phil keep talking about it the reveal gotta be soon

It’ll probably begin with showing off Halo’s new graphics and with a short snippet of Starfield with a “See gameplay reveal at Bethesda’s conference” cuz I don’t think they’re gonna have enough time for both XGS and Bethesda’s games. They have to show off third party games they have marketing for along with the game’s XGS are publishing.

I think Xbox and Bethesda will still keep their conferences seperate. A 3 hour show is too long

I hope they merge, I really don’t like the separation between the two.

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That way we might have very intense conference - with a lot of games and announcements.


They don’t have to blow everything in one conference either, there is GamesCom and XO and hopefully some smaller things over the year.

True. Hope with many games in the pipeline they will showcase lots of games.

They also need some GOTY. Hope that happens, but it will be hard to pull off due to certain bias. But whatever.

It makes more sense to open with Halo and close with Starfield. But I think they should be bold.

Start with Starfield. Promised by 2021. Hammer the exclusivity.

Have a great show with no mention of Halo at all.

In the end reveal a Halo Infinite trailer that is so awesome that has everyone’s mind blown (Kinda like Halo 3 did back in the day) wondering if it’s even possible for a game to look that amazing.