What are your thoughts about Halo Infinite MP going F2P?

I was thinking about that earlier and I wanted to have your POV, Halo fans.

For the first time, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be Free to play on Xbox and PC at launch later this year. So it will certainly be the biggest launch ever for a Halo game and that’s the safest bet you can make.

It is exciting for the Halo community because we’re assured to have a massive playerbase day one and probably for a long time, if new content is dropping every month or so. But there is still 2 things that makes me think about the repercussions of that decision :

  1. It means that there will be two kind of people playing MP : people who bought the game/suscribed to GP AND F2P players. How will people react to that ingame ? Will the community embrace the new population (newbies mostly) ? Will it be a point of contention for years to come ? Or maybe it will be accepted and people will just don’t care, as they could now convience all their old friends to comeback to the game. I think everyone will just embrace it, but it will be interesting to watch nonetheless.

  2. Gamepass subs will only grow the amount of people suscribing to play the game (the campaign). I don’t have the numbers, but I’m sure, like all MP games, there is 2x, 3x, 4x more people that only play multiplayer in the Halo games. And with the game going F2P, this ratio will explode. So that will be the first time a community will grow outside of the Xbox ecosystem while playing Xbox games, as in they’re not paying Live or GP or even bought the game, especially PC gamers. That’s also an interesting scenario to watch. Will MP be only available on the Xbox app or also on Steam ? Will it be used to grow the number of users of the Xbox storefront on PC ?

I know the Halo community (from forums/Reddit) is not kind with the games and some seemed to hold a grudge against 343i, but with the massive influx of new players, folks will be drowned under the flood of positivity. And I think it could bring a breath of fresh air to have so much people excited.

Idk, maybe I extrapolate or think too much. Maybe it won’t matter in the end, but I just wanted to discuss about that, as it’s not really discussed much I think. I mean F2P Halo MP !! That’s still crazy to me that they managed to do that for a Halo game.

So yeah, what do you think will happen, guys ?

In short? The best way to go by far. Every recent decent FPS game has been F2P and ones that cost money don’t stick for long, apart from CS:GO and some exceptions.

Controversial but I wouldn’t even mind if Halo Infinite MP launched on PS5 too.

It’s all about number of players personally.


I was very surprised, to be sure, because I thought that lowering the barrier of entry with Game Pass would already be enough to make it huge, but honestly, right now if they want to stand out from the massively popular games like Fortnite, Warzone or Apex Legends, this is the way to go.


Its just a response to the market so I understand it. Don’t think it will change anything.

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Great for Halo and its player base.Especially if it’s great as well. The concurrent player numbers are going to be CRAZY.

I wonder how many millions will be playing this. I expect some MASSIVE numbers.

I hope they have a great season pass or whatever it is they have. That’s going to be so crucial. Content needs to be appealing to many many casuals.

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If ps5 gets it then I want Spider-man on Xbox but that ain’t happening

I’m pretty happy because with this I can get a bunch of my friends to try Halo out for the first time. I think the game is going to do some massive numbers due to this.

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Yep hopefully 343 is ready no doubt servers gonna be wrecked

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I can tolerate that for a few days as long as internet isn’t required to play the campaign.

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It’s ultimately something that needed to be done if Halo has any chance of reclaiming some of its lost prominence in the gaming discourse.

Of course there are pitfalls that 343i needs to avoid when it comes to ftp, but I think it is a good thing on the whole since it means more people are able to play Halo.

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My first and basically only thought is: best decision ever for the love of this franchise.

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For me it means there is no barrier to entry for one of the best Multiplayer series of all time and gives 343 a large player base to hopefully make a game that lasts for a long time


If it was about numbers we would see numerous PS4 games on xbox too but we dont cause there is a limit to such things.


A successful free halo game will be supported for 10 years as 343 has said. Imagine the amount of content they will add when they have hundreds and hundreds of devs on the game post launch. Campaign dlc, new maps, guns, new forge items, and ya skins. A lot will be behind a paywall sure. But the amount of free content will make halo 5’s post launch support look like an indie game.

A traditional halo game that cost 60$ wouldn’t receive nearly as much post launch support because after shipping it the vast majority of the staff would move onto the next game. This way it’s the opposite, the majority stay on infinite.

I didn’t even get into how this will allow millions of more people to become halo fans which is awesome too.

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That is if the game is a quality release

Ya that’s why I said if it’s successful the plan is 10 years.

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No, just no.

Why? Cant wait to see the 50 million plus players this will reach.

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