What are your expectations for Halo Infinite post delay?

The most obvious aspect to discuss first is the game’s graphics. This took by far the majority of criticism after the the gameplay demo and of course we don’t know how long the game will be delayed for (everything rumoured from a month or so to a whole year) but I don’t think it’s wrong to expect it to be looking a lot better but the question is how much better are folks expecting/hoping for it to look? Will it re-emerge as a contender as one of the better looking next gen games or forever destined to look sorta “just okay”?

You would think stuff like Ray tracing and other post launch effects they mentioned would be implemented by the time the game resurfaces. This probably carries the biggest pressure for 343, if the game gets re revealed and it only looks marginally better than you fear the barrage of criticism will come their way again. I reckon they’ll be an improvement but I don’t think they’ll get it close to the reveal trailer’s visuals.

In terms of the game itself, I’m hoping it means 343 can launch Infinite with a full suite of gameplay modes and a good selection of maps (the former is something Halo 5 got criticised for)

Do folks here have anymore hopes or expectations for what comes from Infinite as a result of the delay? Maybe just simple polishing or something more extreme and dramatic a long the lines of the Xbox One version being dropped to even 343 going back on the whole open world aspect to a more linear campaign, etc.

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Just way more visual polishing. My concerns were always only about graphics. Just make it true next gen visual tour de force something to show the true XSX power and to be proud of.

As for the rest I’m not worried at all.

Everything I saw was awesome, gameplay was great and smooth, ultra nervous, open ended like OG Halo, plus the game is a metroidvania with some rpg components.

I can’t be even more happy. I know 343 heard about Didact Boss fights so they know what to do…


I’m hoping for a April release!!!


I don’t think you can expect generation defining graphics on a cross gen game, besides committing to 60fps will put a limit on what can be achieved.

My main concern is the content at launch, as long as it has both a complete campaign and a good number of maps with BTB at launch then I’ll be happy.

While games usually come together in their last year of development I still have some big doubts with 343, it wasn’t good that they lost two creative leads last year and with this game supposedly being a 10 year platform game it needs to start well.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if 343 are taken off Halo later in the gen and ID software take over but that’s probably just a biased wish of mine.

Firstly I don’t think for one minute they delayed Halo because of the ‘reaction’. They delayed it because over time they realised the game wasn’t ready to launch as a coherent package.

The narrative that they are using this time to make the graphics better and that is it, is a very dangerous one. I think they will clear up the obvious pop in and probably some gun models and textre work might be re-done. But the art style is what it is - the more cartoony Halo CE look isn’t changing in a year or even two years. That’s what you’re getting. Its not going to suddenly be like the first trailer…its going to be what we saw. Like it or not. I like it but many who don’t like the look are not so bothered about technical stuff and more don’t like the more cartoonish look - well there isn’t time to change it.

They showed a small section of campaign that was fairly uninspiring gameplay wise but hinted at something potentially good. I suspect much of the work will be in making the world feel a bit more alive. If its basically empty save for odd pockets of enemies and the odd bit of wildlife it will not really hit the mark. I also think they’ll basically be finishing the game.

Do I think it will launch with ray tracing? No - not unless its a November 21 release. And I think if it is that’s bad news for Xbox generally - they could do with Halo out in March IMHO.

When I first saw the footage I was quite happy in that it looked like classic Halo. I then came online and saw all the negatively lol

Whilst I will buy and play halo infinite. (& hopefully enjoy)

I honestly much prefer the art direction of halo 5 & actually thought it was an excellent game (I’ve never really thought the story was good in the halo games, I can’t even remember it, it’s pretty forgettable in all halo games imho)

But the enviroments in halo 5 were gorgeous, the firefights and locations were excellent.

I think halo 5 has by far the best gameplay and arena multiplayer in the franchise.

I am honestly hoping the multiplayer expands upon halo 5.

Now I’ll go hide, before I’m burned alive on a stake XD

Edit: pops out of hiding to throw out a holiday 2021 release date


An overall better looking game. Ray Tracing day one. Possibly HDR as well. Overall better lighting and better textures and animations. Better facial animations and textures. No pop-in. Also better reactions by enemies when they get “blown up” by a grenade. There also needs to be some dismemberment for those instances because seeing an enemy get blown up in mid air by a grenade and the enemy just falls to the ground is ridiculous. That must be fixed because it looks bad and unrealistic.

So basically, they have a lot to fix and solve in my opinion. The story and characters need to be amazing for the single player story campaign. The shooting mechanics, gunplay and overall gameplay looked great so not worried about that. And while I have zero interest in online multi-player, they need to make sure that it’s all going to “just work” at launch and give players a lot of different modes and maps.

I do NOT want to see the game in the Spring because that tells me that they’re rushing it but not as much as if it was for launch which also tells me, why even delay it? Game needs an extra year of development time especially with everyone working from home. Simply, give the game the extra fucking year because the launch must succeed. If the game is a disaster or whatever the case may be at launch, I see the series as being done because the vast majority won’t give a shit anymore and someone like me would just say fuck it, im not going to waste my time. So yeah, they have a lot to fix, implement and solve.

See you on November 5th, 2021.

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Halo 5’s MP was absolutely IMO the best. I know thats heresy but I love it.

The campaign though, was a bit of a dog’s dinner. The movement and combat was good as per MP. BUT the enemies were dull and repetitive - the locations and art style were reminiscent of any generic futuristic shooter rather than being Halo and although I don’t really care for stories in games much the promotional - red/blue team conflict was never realised and it was a damp squib.

Pretty much loved the art style of Infinite and the fact it looked and sounded like traditional Halo. But yeah I think some expected 5 on steroids and no natter the delay, you’re not getting that.

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I’m not a huge Halo guy or anything. I’ve played a few of them over the years and recently replayed the whole saga in the MCC, but it’s never been a series particularly close to my heart. So this isn’t just nostalgia talking.

Anyway my take is that I hope they return to the sense of discovery that was present in Halo 1, 2, and 3. I’m not a game designer so it’s hard to put into words but Halo 4 and 5 are just as corridor shooter as corridor shooter can be. You never progress through a level and think, wow, this is an interesting or surprising space that I now find myself in. Whereas you do get that feeling in the earlier games, even playing them in 2020.

So I hope 343 can discover how to return to that feeling from the earlier games. I’m really curious to see what an open world Halo even looks like.

I absolutely hated it, so many maps being forge maps and the colour design was ugh… I prefer having actual envrionments like in the older games - Valhalla, Ghost Town etc.The sound was quite off as well, didn’t sound very alien to me. The actual gameplay was pretty good though, I have struggled to go back to the slowness of the older games but I’d prefer a faster base speed than sprint.

Re release date, instead of it being November for 20th anniversary I think it’s possible it releases on Bungie day.

I thought the gameplay looked solid, but graphics definitely needed a lot of polish. I do feel graphics could be fixed by implementing ray tracing. Also I do feel pressure is on 343 to deliver among fans and critics because I do feel major changes will happen if it doesn’t deliver, and I do have some confidence they will deliver. I’m prob in minority, but I loved halo 4 campaign, and think Halo 5 MP is one of the best in series but campaign had great sections but fell flat

I had that logic initially of - delay it a year and make it meaningful. However, the counter point is - launching Halo into a holiday season, the first anniversary holiday season of new consoles when 3rd party games are hitting their stride and the consoles are being worked through - into a period where Battlefield 6 and COD will launch…I just think you’re asking for a complete and utter tanking. Even in a year I don’t think Infinite will be what you want it to be - it won’t have all the features and completely re-work the textures. Its gonna be a question of content and when content can be ready. The MP is free so I do think it can launch less complete than normal circumstances.

Halo Infinite needs to stand up, it needs a community. And I think it had a chance at launch. But with the delay I just don’t see it surviving next November. September perhaps if it gets a couple of months ahead of the rush. But Halo 5 suffered from huge competition and who knows what else hits next holiday, FPS wise…

I’d try and do everything to get it out in the Spring because I honestly have come round to view that now Xbox have a lot of games potentially with Bethesda deal - what they need Halo to do is get out there build some sort of community but it isn’t the massive flagship launch game that everything hinges on anymore because its delayed and regardless the pressure is slightly taken off.

I simply disagree. It MUST be complete. You can’t delay the game and still release it half-assed because that will do much more harm than any other games as competition would do. As for that competition, I don’t see it as a big deal and here’s why - EA will release Battlefield in early October while COD will probably be late October. Halo would be early November. The cross-over is minimal at best. Those who love BF or COD are only going to play those games. They’re not going to switch unless those games turn out bad or EA/Activision fucks up their MP modes and whatnot.

Which in that case, those people would either go to the other game or Halo Infinite. But here’s the main thing - Halo Infinite needs to be excellent. I’m talking 90+ excellent. To where it’s like holy shit, 343 did an amazing job and the delay improved everything overall.

Launching less than complete would be a mistake in my opinion because WTF would be the point of delaying it to begin with? Also, since it’s supposed to be a long term game with content and all that, releasing half-assed wouldn’t exactly inspire confidence for a game that they want to last 10 years which I don’t see happening whatsoever but still, that’s what they’ve all said their plan is.

A lot of stuff in the game visually MUST be fixed. The time for releasing first party games half-assed, broken, no content, etc. IS OVER. Microsoft does that and everything they’ve built and are trying to build would be for nothing because despite never ever playing a Halo game whatsoever, even I know that Halo IS Xbox and Xbox IS Halo. Simply put, they can’t fuck it up. Rushing it out for the Spring tells me okay, you did some half ass fixes and will probably be a disappointment.

They won’t be able to build any type of community if the content is barren or not any good or the game overall just isn’t worth playing. 343 and Microsoft need to hit with Halo Infinite. There’s no more if’s, and’s or but’s. There just isn’t. The quality MUST get improved and MUST be higher than what it was for the Xbox One generation.

Also, as I previously mentioned, everyone is working from home so what would probably take 6 months most likely needs to be doubled. Maybe if they were all working in the studio like normal, maybe I could see Spring but all from home which im sure is a massive pain in the ass and because of this, I simply give 343 double the time.

In this time, they can also have content ready for the first three months after launch (Dec/Jan/Feb) or quarter one of 2022. They can actually get ahead without having to rush anything whatsoever.

As for other games, I don’t see Starfield until 2022 and to be perfectly honest, it’s Bethesda Game Studios. They always have a shit ton of fucking issues at launch every fucking time. That MUST end. Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 either had no content, wasn’t any good or had a shit ton of technical issues.

All that stuff needs to end because if Microsoft starts off the generation by releasing mediocre, empty bugged filled games, they simply won’t accomplish what they want to do because everyone (including myself) will still look at them as “same old Microsoft”.

A new generation allows Microsoft to fix the issues and problems they had with the previous generation. One of those major issues was - QUALITY. Their first party games need to be of a high quality. Doesn’t matter than you can play them in Game Pass day one for a $10 monthly rental because if I see Halo Infinite as a State of Decay 2 or some such shit, no thanks. Not worth my time which is far more important to me than my money.

So we can easily agree to disagree. I just don’t want Microsoft rushing out games anymore especially Halo Infinite and games that are being developed by any of their first party studios because to me, that is my number ONE concern. I want quality. I don’t want mediocrity. Let them take their fucking time and get everything correctly implemented so those like me who will be playing these games (or want to play these games) will be happily satisfied.


The FPS community has a lot of overlap. I love Battlefield. It’s MY game. But I also love Halo. If you release them in the same window it means many will choose. A lot of the PC influencer types on YouTube will not cover both whereas normally they would.

You are coming at it from the Internet Xbox games narrative. But to get a Halo that is as polished as you describe and lauded critically I don’t think happens in November 2021 and all you do is suppress the numbers playing Halo. There is a difference between not rushing games and having. Halo that already has had 5 years and another extension. Even if they polish it to the ends of the earth it isn’t going to change anything other than changing the narrative to Halo is super late or some other such internet nonsense.

Halo as a package has more going for it is more complex and more involved than any single player only type experience. The level of polish and sheen will always be less. And for me that’s why delaying it longer to add that is just a fools errand.

But like you say agree to disagree.

Perhaps. I just want to see Microsoft’s first party titles to be of a higher quality than what they gave me during the Xbox One generation. And be more technically polished because they need to be. We’ll see what happens though.

I’m staying with November 5th, 2021 as my prediction. And with Wolfenstein III being in development, I can see that game being the big exclusive for the Spring/Summer 2021. But we’ll see how it all plays out.


There were new glimpses of footage in the showcase that still looked at the same level as the first trailers.

That was my expectation for the graphics before and still is. (With the obvious but expected drop that comes from cutscenes to actual gameplay)

We better at least gen some kind of public flighting/beta especially for a more than 1 year delay

This is fair.

I am with you. I actually liked the gameplay shown. The graphics…

Next time they show gameplay - it should be running on XSX and all the final features should be implemented.