What are Updated Gamepass for PC prices

I wanted to ask what are the updated prices of Gamepass for PC?

I suppose in US it is $10 a month. Has this price been charged now? Or the old $5 price is still active?

How are the prices in other regions of the world? In India, while in beta it’s was only ₹249 (Indian rupees). Now it is ₹489 (dollar exchange rate of 6-7 dollars)

I want to know if the price will increase when ea play will get added to game pass PC?

I’m in India as well, funnily enough I joined gp last month, paid 50 and it renewed recently but only took 250 rupees (plus tax) instead of that 489, pretty weird. I think it’s just an error or something and it’ll take that 500 rupees from the next month.

And yeah, regarding GP cost increasing with EA Play, it’s confirmed to be not happening.


Also, you must have purchased it before 17 September. That’s why it charged 250.

Glad ea play will be there for 489. After taxes it will be 578. Not bad at all.

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Yeah that’s probably why. I still thought it’d be updated after the first month, but it hasn’t. But yeah, I think it shall start next month.

And regarding the cost, pretty glad EA play just comes in at no extra cost. Although I do think the 250 to 300 bucks was the perfect spot. That was like “oh shit I forgot I was even paying for this” territory. Now its a bit of debate for me to continue being subbed cuz the only reason I got Game pass is for Forza Horizon 4 as its not on steam at least as of yet, and its been great. And many of the games coming in at the moment are either indies I can buy for cheap or ones I have already played. Doom Eternal and EA Play being delayed on game pass pc doesn’t help. I will cancel for next month and maybe get back in December or Jan when there’s gonna be EA play, Doom Eternal, Medium, Dragon Quest 11, and whatever else is announced in the meantime.

With that 300 rupees, it was just passive money like Netflix or prime, with 600 it’s a bit of an ask especially when there’s also Steam and EGS (with its own amazing free games every week) where I don’t need to keep subbed.

But I’m sure once the first party lineup starts rolling in from mid 2021, there shall be very few reasons to not sub and stay subbed to game pass. I’m already iffy on big third party games ever coming to game pass pc cuz historically none of them have so it shall only be a great first party and indie service on pc, and that shall be fine, because we have tons of options on pc unlike console where its just one store.

Either way I can’t complain cuz it’s still cheaper than 10 dollars when converted so I’m glad they’re at least doing regional pricing.

Forza is the game I played first on Gamepass too.

Also played gears 5 and 4, toursty, Hellblade

Also gave a look to plague tale, resident evil 7, sunset overdrive

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Gotta try out Sunset Overdrive myself. Unfortunate that we might never get a sequel. So many good games wasted on a badly selling console early in the generation, thankfully those days for Xbox are done for good.

it went from 4€ to 10€

but ultimate is 13€, kinda weird all in all

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