What are some strange/small things you wanna see in upcoming XGS/Bethesda games?

Fun little thread for y’all. You can participate if you’d like. Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda have a ton of good stuff coming, yet oru wishes for these games are often pretty straightfoward and uniform: we want them to be good, we want them to look good, we want them to be polished, etc. But what are some strange things or small things you’d like to see. I’ll start with a few.

Halo Infinite: Warthog Run

We haven’t gotten a true Warthog Run in a Chief game since Halo 3. It’s time.

Redfall: An Original Song.

Semi Sacred Geometry is a fantastic song and plays out over one of the best moments in the game. I really wanna see another original song from the team and see how they integrate it into gameplay.

Starfield: Intentionally Longer Loading Screens.

Now, look, I don’t want loading screens for too long if at all going into buildings. But when booting up the game, fast travelling or recovering after death, I’d like a longer loading screen than the Series X is capable of. Now, why in the actual fuck would anyone want this? Well, for me personally, I love examining the models, listening to music and reading the tips and lore bits. It’s part of the experience for me and helps me appreciate the artistry of BGS. I know this is a very hot take though.

Outer Worlds 2: A Radio I love the score of Outer Worlds and I suspect 2 will be great too, even without Justin Bell. That said, I love in-game radios to break up the same music on longer playthroughs and having a radio DJ to talk lore and in-game events. My enjoyment of FO76 went up significantly when they added Julie.

Perfect Dark: Adaptive Difficulty

One of my favourite aspects of Perfect Dark is how higher difficulties, lower difficulties, etc. not only effect the difficulty of AI, health pickups, etc. but also change the world. It adds a ton of replayability to see, for example, a massive helicopter start shooting at Joanna or a bomb needing to be placed in a heavily guarded area instead of a lightly guarded one.


Forza Horizon 5: The fighting game I wish Forza Horizon had a Tokyo Xtreme Racer mode, where you and your opponent have life bars and whoever is in the lead depletes the life bar of the other based on the size of the lead.

Ideally these races would occur on freeways with a decent amount of traffic.


This is probably an obvious one and also kinda easy to achieve:

Easter eggs from various other Xbox ips.

Sort of like how the tease for AC Valhalla was found in The Division 2, but mostly just a nod from one game to another where it makes sense. Maybe something in a computer in Starfield that mentions a lost colony ship near Monarch. Dunno of other things, and I do like the Minecraft and Halo themed race suits in Forza 7, and then the sea of thieves liveries. More of this type of connection though.


I would like to see photo mode be a staple in every first party game from XGS


Easter eggs of other XGS games.

In Starfield I’d love to see Halo Easter eggs for example.

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Forza Horizon style barn finds in Starfield. But spaceship parts instead of cars.


yep, I love photomodes.

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I like this!

Or for example posters or ads about Doom guy or on a magazine inside a store in a city in Starfield. That would fall under smaller stuff, but still cool.

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Yeah actually this. Freelancer had similar where you could find wrecks out in the void and get some decent loot lore and the like.

Bring back Freelancer MS you cowards! :slight_smile:

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The craziest is if the cloud tech was used in halo mo for true destruction. An example, being chased by 2 opponents in super fiesta, to clear a path if you get surrounded fire a rocket and bust the wall to escape. That would be dope.

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