We don't need a Banjo sequel, but MS should still take advantage of the IP

Even if a traditional Banjo game never comes out (I believe it will one day or at least a remake of the first game but that aside)

Banjo has the potential to be a massive IP for Microsoft. Even though Nuts and Bolts didn’t work out, I was recently playing some other games that Banjo can fit nicely in

Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a great game, and its a game you’d never expect. Who would of expected to see an Xcom style Mario game and a damn good one too? A lot of creative battles, enemy designs etc

Imagine an Xcom style game with Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo, Tooty etc

Banjo IP has a ton of creativity and charm to it that can be integrated into other genre’s and after seeing Gears expand to other genre’s, Banjo can come back and become relevant again without actually needing a brand new traditional Banjo game.

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The way there business is structured around Gamepass. They need IPs and IPs. Games and games left and right.

They basically need 100+ games from there first party portfolio to remain unchallenged on there own.

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If we go through 2021 without a single Banjo announcement then I’ll just assume the franchise isn’t coming back anytime soon.

I like the thoughts from the OP. Lots of possibilities and can be a staple for Xbox without needing to build a sequel or reboot right away.

They did try with Banjo Nuts & Bolts, but it got mixed reception

I’m sure most of the team that made Diddy Kong Racing is gone, but I wish there was a spiritual successor to that game. Conker, Banjo, Tiptup, Timber, Pipsy, and others can return. Perhaps get permission to get playable characters like Yooka-Laylee. Get David Wise back on the soundtrack.

This would be an awesome Gamepass title with online play. Wishful thinking. I know…

If they make a new Banjo game and that is not Banjo-Threeie (or a remake Banjo-Redooie), it would be a complete disaster.

Like what happened with Nuts & Bolts but worse (because it has been 14 years since the last Banjo now). People wanted Banjo-Threeie. The teaser trailer of Nuts & Bolts suggested it was a classic Banjo.

It turned out it wasn’t Banjo-Threeie at all and they hated it (and I hated Nuts & Bolts too).

They can make spin-off. But not before a proper Banjo-Kazooie game.

No. We want and need Threeie. I definitely don’t want a fucking xcom style banjo. Mario can get away with it because Mario still has all its other games that people expect. Banjo not having a game that made it special but instead an xcom style game is no different than MS just making a mobile title for Banjo and want people who are excited for banjo to be excited for this. We want and need Threeie. No.

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I feel like a remaster of Banjo Kazooie will come before threeie.

I wouldn’t mind a banjo kazooie and tooie remake collection, if they come close to quality of toys for bobs spyro remakes!

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I’d be excited for a Toys for Bob-type trilogy remake ala Spyro Reignited Trilogy in preparation for either a reboot or sequel.

Bamjo-threeie is coming for sure, but maybe it’s in a KI situation where it’s difficult to find someone to make it, special and up to nowadays standards.