Watch this fan made Game Pass trailer

Its amazing and its a shame its not official as the guy who made it has some serious talent. The YouTube it links to is his so follow and subscribe if you want. Song in the trailer is

Nothing Is As It Seems by Hidden Citizens

Please share everywhere you can especially Twitter and get this trailer and the creator seen by the Xbox people including Phil Spencer.


So damn good. Excellent trailer.

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So damn good indeed.

Ms should just steal it and run this ad lol


Yes, I shared it yesterday on the Xbox Games Studios OT, but it does deserve its own topic. It’s an amazing trailer that got me incredibly hyped for the future of Xbox in a “non-official” way, aha. Amazing for it to have reached almost 10,000 views in a day! Yesterday it was at 200 - 400, ahaha.

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Trying to tag Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg on Twitter so they can see this. Xbox and both Xbox Game Pass accounts too they need to hire this man.


God damn, that massively exceeded my expectations, what a trailer!


Time for Phil Spencer to hire them.

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Oof. I got chills.

Aaron Greenberg shared it. :slight_smile:

Anyone else get chills when the music drops a bit in the middle and you hear the car roar out of that turn in Forza Horizon?

It’s fantastic work.


Damn that was better than most of the MS made ones haha, that was fan made??

Hats off to the creator.

̷N̷i̷n̷t̷e̷n̷d̷o̷ Microsoft, hire this man!