Wasteland 3 |OT| In Reagan's name!

started it finally

created a melee and a heavy weapon duo as my starting characters and i’m already feeling regret during the introduction

I’ve sunk so many hours in already and always seems like I’ve barely scratch the surface. I did so many saves to try multiple things and tricks to see if it would work and…it just works! Lol it is incredible they thought of a lot of things players could do even some twisted ones haha

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guys is there a way to swap the mouse click controls? I recently played Desperados 3 and coming from that to this is extremely jarring, I want RMB and LMB to swap positions, but am not able to see the option to change that in settings.

Patch 1.1.0 is now live on Steam and GOG, consoles will be updating next week. https://t.co/xtx082iC0o https://t.co/5vtNe2G7Jj

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Do you guys know if the enemy difficulty scales with your level? Like, if I face an encounter at Level 11, can’t do it, and return later at Level 15, will my enemies be stronger, or the same?

My only problem with game so far is the loading times are a nightmare on the One X.

Yep. Playing on PC with the game installed to an SSD and the load times are quite ridiculous.

Same here on One S.

Yes load times and glitches are the big negatives.

Guys I found an easter egg in the game making allusion to Wasteland 4! Oh yes if they do a next gen Wasteland I’m in!

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Yeah I have an SSD on my laptop and the loading times were brutal. It may be a while but if you can hold off I’d wait for a directors cut version of the game.

Honestly, the ammount of crashes and load times haven’t stopped me from playing at all, which actually speaks fucking highly of this game as I’ve definitely had tons of crashes, and for any other games that I wasn’t loving so much I would have given up already.


Check out this Youtube channel if you have a chance, he has a lot of great videos regarding character builds on Wasteland 3.


in spite of some weird bugs and glitches, what an amazing game it is indeed. I think after Divinity: Original Sin II, this is the next game that I’m reading all in-game dialogues eagerly.


I really can’t stop praising this game despite the small issues and bugs, though they have not been as bad for me as for other people. I love how the different factions in the game are positioned vis-à-vis each other, so many possibilities for the player to shape the world with meaningful decisions. I’m intrigued as to what comes next, and I can already see myself replaying this game in a different way, e.g. not being a good guy and helping out the poor but becoming a tyrant myself.

So many so-called RPGs have made consequences to the player action stripped down to become more mainstream, I’m so glad inXile is not following this trend, and will keep this up for their big RPG project.


I just removed and then re-added one of my original squad members, so I could modify some gear. Lo and behold, all her skills have reset to 0 … fuck me. Game is as bugged as it is an incredible experience, what a shame man.

Is this due to the Unity engine>

Lucia Wesson Precision Strike on head crit: 734 damage (I’m around level 11, and this is 2 guys’ health)

chef’s kiss

Game is great on Xbox. Just wish it would stop crashing all the time.


Welp, how about that. I just struck gold with the game currency, I’m rich, holy shit. I didn’t cheat or anything, but I instantly won 25,000 dollars from junk. Lucia Wesson is my barter, so I got her the perk that gives you a 5% chance for an item to be sold at a 50x premium. I went to the Bizarre to buy some shit, pressed X to sell all junk, and BOOM, suddenly I was rich. Not only this, but one of the items was an antique too, so that was an extra $900.

I already got all my guys the best weapons found at the Bizarre, extra energy weapons for almost every one, all the best armor, all weapons with mods, ammo, health items, drugs and withdrawal blockers, and I still have 16,000 left, lol. Still need to fully upgrade the vehicle, but this is really gonna fuck the balance of the game for me. Considering upping the difficulty to the hardest one (on Ranger difficulty, currently).

Can’t recommend that Barter perk enough :laughing:

For sure however I will say it does somewhat break the game and somewhat ruins the experience. When you have so much money you can always buy out the stores weapons, armor, items, ammo etc that you lose the experience of having to manage resources, scrounge for ammo and medical items. When you open a chest that gives you 200 bucks it suddenly is worthless because you can use barter and get 50k instantly anytime you want.

This same thing happened to me when I played Dying Light, a bunch of high level players gave me a bunch of high damage weapons and I started to one shot zombies left and right and it ruined the experience for me smh

I’ll def play WL3 again when the directors cut comes out or it gets patched up.