Video Game Market Analysis Thread

If MS hypothetically lost a ton of money on Azure, they aren’t going to go around to the games division to help “blunt the loss”. The divisions stand alone for the most part and if one has a problem then that is what investors will focus on. The games division making some quick cash won’t hide a problem in a different division.

That’s like saying Sony is going to push out TLOU3 early because the movie division is in the red due to Morbius 2 flopping.


Microsoft has 3 major segments where they report revenue and operating income separately. Xbox is in More Personal Computing, Azure is in Intelligent Cloud. So profits tanking in Azure could not be hidden by releasing Starfield earlier. Also, Azure makes more profit in a year than Xbox in revenue in the same time. It just makes zero sense.

Famitsu sales

  1. [NSW] Fire Emblem Engage – 144,558 / NEW
  2. [NSW] Pokemon Scarlet / Violet – 43,983 / 4,739,035
  3. [NSW] Splatoon 3 – 16,091 / 3,833,699
  4. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 13,857 / 5,115,176
  5. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports – 9,220 / 978,511
  6. [NSW] Minecraft – 8,146 / 3,016,620
  7. [NSW] Mario Party Superstars – 6,009 / 1,157,864
  8. [NSW] Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban! – 5,942 / 2,830,215
  9. [PS5] Gran Turismo 7 – 5,468 / 267,222
  10. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 5,327 / 5,105,655

Hardware Sales

Switch – 51.587 (28.101.042)

PlayStation 5 – 42.152 (2.548.810)

PlayStation 4 – 2.544 (9.425.538)

Xbox Series X|S – 945 (402.131)

3DS – 83 (24.596.902)

For the games side, FE Engage had a good opening. Not much else to say there lol

Hardware side, Switch had a big drop, quite low for Switch (still #1 though lol), PS5’s new average is 40k from the looks of things.

There was a conversation earlier about the lack of Series X, this is another market where there is a demand for Series X but they are sent very, very little. Again, Series S is in stock everywhere there.


Microsoft what are you doing. Send more consoles to japan right away

Especially when Wo long hits.


not the move anyone should do in a market where they are trying to break into.

They were never going to break into the market via hardware anyways.

Sucks for the Xbox fans over there though.


They’re not really in it for this market though. All Japanese efforts they make are for the sake of getting JP games for Western players


Lackluster preorders for PSVR2

Sony Slashes PlayStation VR2 Headset Output After Pre-Orders Disappoint

  • High price seen as a limiting factor for wider adoption

  • Sluggish demand exacerbates lackluster momentum for VR sector

The company halved its forecast for shipments of the PSVR2, which is set for a Feb. 22 release, this quarter to about a million units, said people familiar with its deliberations. Sony had previously aimed to have 2 million headsets ready for the launch quarter and leverage its second-generation headset to drive user growth and adoption for VR.

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Imagining laughing at price increase, only for your side to get hit on something as well. Regardless, Monday finally bringing the bad news on both front.

At least the price adjustments were delayed for longer to see if the financial pressures would self-correct. Obviously the pressures haven’t and won’t anytime soon. :slightly_frowning_face:

One thing that tells me is PS clearly overestimated the fans. They won’t eat everything up like it’s free candy.

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The yen is down bad


This is the perfect time to launch a PC and Console supported VR platform

Most of the VR enthusiasts won’t dive into a closed Console environment

Sony must make an exception here and release VR games day and date on PC platforms

Make there headset compatible with PC

And then they will meet targets

I’ll bet PS is hoping for influencers and reviewers to sell it real hard.

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A tethered system in the year of the lord 2023 with a hefty sticker price, no killer software and no access for PC players is only for the hardcore cultists. Sad to see there are still more than a million of them on this planet.

I expect this thing to die faster than the PS Vita which also had no confidence and major first party support out of the gate.

Seems even Disgaea 7 is outperforming Forspoken in Japan, even on PS. To paraphrase, a budget JRPG from a small company is outperforming Square’s AAA project that was supposed to be “the next big thing.”

Won’t be surprised if Forspoken makes this list at this point


Im pretty sure every japanese xbox fan bought one. Knowing the 4 xbox guys i who have an xbox and live in japan…they have bought every console near launch.

But they need moee incentive to buy one. Price increase isnt going to do much.

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Sony denies shipments lowered for PSVR2: