Video Game Market Analysis Thread

One plot mechanic could be a Stranger Than Fiction/Free Guy type thing, where the main character starts noticing weird things going on, and eventually realizes their life is being controlled by someone else. Then you have lots of options where to take that setup. Will they try to escape the videogame? Will they try to contact whoever is controlling them? Will they realize they live in a world with no actual rules? Etc.

Another direction is the Last Action Hero approach, where a Sims player falls into the world of the game, and have the full knowledge that he’s in a game but no one around him does. Will he try to get back home? Will he try to let everyone know they’re in a game? Will he come to a crushing realization that all the screwed up things he’s done to his game world actually had lasting consequences for seemingly real people?

There’s tonnes of places they can take it. Just look at the Barbie movie for an example of what creative people can do with a very basic premise.

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Oh I knew they were popular, just not to this extent

It’s funny how some people in the comments are straight on denial about the data because it goes against their narratives.




This is the dumbest pie chart I’ve ever seen.

Makes me happy to see Grounded on that list.

I also forget how big Overwatch is, it just quietly does its thing

I always find it funny when I see people saying how dead Overwatch 2 is lol, couldn’t be any more further from the truth!


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How odd to qualify that MS has a F2P game when Sony’s Destiny is also F2P. Is that not worth mentioning too?

Same Energy.


Yes you’ve got a point there!

I find it interesting that Microsoft own all their studios in this list, whereas Sony doesn’t own Arrowhead, Shift Up or Team Ninja!

It really shows how the tables have turned in recent years.