Update 2: Walmart says it’s partnering with Microsoft on a TikTok deal


Well, seems like it’s real.

Not a good fit in my opinion. But what do I know …

Guess Microsoft wanted to be in that hearing too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It would be pretty crazy if Xbox can get some kind of social media integration with Tik Tok (as long as it’s not intrusive)

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Note that if they do acquire TikTok that any integration point won’t happen for like a year…

Dan Rubino has a good explainer on this on WindowsCentral.com. It’s driven by politics in part. https://www.windowscentral.com/3-reasons-why-tiktok-microsoft

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I’ve liked Daniel’s work ever since owning my first Windows Phone, which was a HTC 8S (which was a terribly built phone, but I loved the adorable little thing).

Fully agree that this move would be a big move for bing and Azure, but not sure if the sums floating around the internet seem worth it. But hey… I thought the same with Minecraft and LinkedIn. So what do I know.

I think this is honestly more political than anything else. Bytedance knows if it doesn’t partner up with a US tech firm they’re gonna get their asses banned. Similar to how Chinese companies deliver US services in China. Probably more companies will have to follow this convention down the line if something doesn’t change. MS is the most “neutral” of the big tech companies and the most favored by the current US administration due to military contracts etc.

Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about this. I understand Microsoft, they are a business and this could be a good deal for them… but I wonder if the powerplay from the US administration is warranted. And I can see why MS is one of the only big tech firms the US government is fine with, as they don’t have a huge presence on mobile and in social media.

I also don’t think that MS will pay that huge 50bn amount as that is for the entire company, not for the countries that TikTok is located in. Also stated by Microsoft is

Microsoft may invite other American investors to participate on a minority basis in this purchase.

So they won’t necessarily pay for everything in order to purchase those operations. This seems like a smart business deal for Microsoft to acquire that part of the company. Good article by Daniel as always.


if you look at their other big purchases in the last years like GitHub, LinkedIn oder Minecraft this could really work out. lets see the price.

Anything more than 12 billion USD is more or less a not so good deal

This really depends on the kind of deal though. I wonder what TikTok is actually worth without Asia/Europe/etc.

The sources say the white house is comfortable with Microsoft to buy the stake in US operations and some senators are still in favor of banning the app completely Nadella would try to squeeze the juice out of this deal because Byte Dance is in a precarious position

Trump’s want Microsoft to buy Tiktok as a whole that’s what I am getting by reading this

Interesting article from the german “Der Spiegel”. You need to use a translater for an english version.

Microsoft should give that money to Xbox so they can buy WB Games instead.

Xbox needs all the manpower they can get their hands on right about now.

Could work well for Xcloud.

This story gets more and more weird.

BBC News - Donald Trump: US Treasury should get cut of TikTok deal

30 billion it would cost…that’s more than Linkedin. Jez mentioned that this probably MS one and only change to become a major player in the social media scene and apparently MS would make their money back fairly fast.

Crazy times.