Ubisoft working on Assassins Creed: Infinity

Bruh how many times now have you been right lol

also wtf…

I wonder if this is them trying to get content going for their revamped Ubi+ service.


Back to AC, I don’t expect this to be too different to past entries. AC has been a live service game since at least origins. The difference here will be a single launch game where content drops throughout the generation and not just 2 years. Which I prefer to be honest. That’s more honest in a way.

Genshin Creed basically

This AC infinity won’t succeed as much as UBI think it will. The gameplay loop in Valhalla and Odyssey were awful. People didn’t finish these games or either bother trying. If UBI want constant players they need to change the gameplay. If I was them I would integrate Co op heists from unity across multiple maps and that you can create your own Assassin’s guild with your mates.

Valhalla is the best selling game in the series. Ubi will be fine.

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Only because it launched with the consoles

Odyssey underperformed

The gameplay loop is basically the same as the award winning Ghosts of Tsushima.


Stealth sucks in AC, It doesn’t in Ghosts. The side quests are playable and interesting, They aren’t in both odyssey and especially Valhalla. The story is great in Ghosts, they aren’t in the last 2 games.

They need to get back to Origins where it was the best of both worlds gameplay wise

It was my first ever AC game and I loved it, couldn’t put it down.

We played the wrong game.

This is not true lol

Valhalla stealth or Ghosts stealth?

It did though. Look it up. Ubisoft were expecting it bigger than it was

This is not where I want series to go, but might be okay with it if they reduce the scale of the game. I found Valhalla to be too big, and prefer smaller scale like GoT

Jason is such a pompus shill

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Jason right now

Take It Personally Michael Jordan GIF

He did after the Nintendo Direct, saying the high quality of Mario+Rabbits hinted at the Switch Pro. Big miss, lol.

Now that sounds like a cool concept, Creed of the Tentacle.

I don’t know where you’re getting this. Odyssey was the best performing Assassins Creed game at the time. Sold 170% more than Origins which sold over 10 million.

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And then Valhalla is the best selling one by a mile now. Ubi another publisher people slander (validly at times) but they sell millions regardless because they are a super casual entry publisher.

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Well, at least I know I don’t need to worry about playing AC games anymore.