Ubisoft working on Assassins Creed: Infinity


Can’t say this comes as a huge surprise. It’ll most likely perform quite well.

Oh really?


Wow thank God we have Bloomberg to share details. No one could EVER predict this.

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Unless Ubi reduces the scope of their open world to be like Origins or go back to classic I have zero interest in the franchise anymore.

Both Odyssey and Valhalla are just too big with an even worse story/assassination tab that drags far too long.

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if Ubisoft talks about Infinity in one of their open world games this always sound like a threat to me :confused:

So if the games in this will feel somewhat different and be of small and large lengths, could there be SOME hope of non-RPG stuff? Like the older days? Or is that me just being too optimistic?

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I’m kind of into this. I’d love to see them try co-op again.

Lmao, such insecurity

Watch out for that block @Shpeshal_Nick


Yeah, Montréal is like California in a lot of ways for developers because there are just so many companies in and around the city and you are definitely seeing big name developers going out on their own to escape the AAA grind.

Slightly off topic but @Shpeshal_Nick you didn’t deserve that and I hope you got an apology.

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Im not a fan of the modern takes aside from Origin due to massive scope of the games but I already see people hating on the concept just cause of the word “live service platform” as if that isnt what most of the big industry games are anyway.

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Didn’t he say 4K switch would be announced any minute

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He really does have an insecurity problem, any hint of what he deems a challenge and he immediately goes into defence mode.

What’s funny about his ‘put down’ is that @Shpeshal_Nick sources were correct : Bethesda did buy ads lol. I think Nick just misinterpreted that to mean the game was coming out this year, which I would have done the same to be fair.


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And… it’s gone, bahahaha. He probably saw that Shpeshal_Nick’s tweet was gathering more likes than his and immediately deleted it :laughing:

Anyway, moving on to the topic at hand. I am not immediately turned off by the concept of this, I engage with some live-service games regularly, however the modern Assassin’s Creed formula is just too exhausting for me and it’s why I’ve kept away from those games. If this has co-op it’d be immediately more tempting.

Would this be one of the F2P games Ubisoft was planning or a paid one?

I would imagine you can download the base and then any other installments to it. Im thinking master chief style of deciding what you want to have on the game.

My only problem with the series is world size getting progressively insane just for the sake of saying “bigger than the last one” without any meaningful content to back it up. Also good grief did the story in Valhalla suck and was just repeating the same crap across all the regions.

Also neither Valhalla nor Odyssey integrated the “Assassination Targets” tab like Origins did into the story.

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hopefully ubisoft are following playgrounds philosophy.

‘There’s not any point being bigger if it’s more of the same’ (from eurogamer interview after e3)

Hopefully its less a hub of existing games and moreso a game that requires traveling through different times to do things to progress the story.

Wait wait. He himself said that Microsoft was telling people it was 2021. So it seems like that makes sense as a thing. It’s not like Nick was far off. Dude fuck Schrier.