Ubisoft Forward September 10th!

Looks like Immortals: Fenyx Rising (prev. Gods & Monsters) will be in next week’s Ubisoft Forward


Ubisoft Forward will feature Watch Dogs: Legion, Hyper Scape, Rainbow Six Siege, Immortals Fenyx Rising (Gods & Monsters), and surprises.


Would love to see Mario + Rabbids 2.

I’ll be happy If Fenyx is a good Zelda clone.

Are we hopeful Ubisoft fixes their servers next gen?

Beyond good or evil 2 status please

Woohoo!!! Nice. Hoping they show gameplay for Far Cry 6, Immortals Fenyx Rising and the Price of Persia reboot/remake.

What’s the problem with their servers? I played Siege a few years back and the division 1 and 2 without any issues.

Ubisoft have some of the worse multiplayer servers in my experience. Jumped on Hyper Scape the other day and could barely finish a game. The AC games when they had multiplayer were rough too but the worst of all was the Crew. I love shared world racers and the servers on The Crew 1 AND 2 were just awful.

Looking forward to Gods and Monsters. Looks like the earliest we see anything from MS or Sony at this point is the 17th now … I really think we might go into October before pre-orders

Rumors are they make a remake of Prince of Persia, right?

Hoping to see Prince of Persia Remake/Reboot, Immortals (formerly Gods & Monsters which I do prefer) and gameplay for Far Cry 6.

Did Roller Champions come out?

I think we’re gonna to finally get a splinter cell reveal.

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Prince of Persia.

Please be real and save 2020 once and for all. :pleading_face:

Man I’d love nothing more, but I think the streak of disappointment will continue.

hoping there’s far cry 6 gameplay

The rumored game set in the Perfect Dark universe from The Initiative will hopefully fill all our spy game needs.


One can only hope. Man I hope the initiative knock it out of the park. Amazing talent over there

Far Cry 6, Splinter Cell, Prince Of Persia hopefully