Turn-based Strategy 'Crown Wars: The Black Prince' Set for March 7, 2024 on Xbox Series Consoles

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Developer Artefacts Studio and publisher NACON have announced that their turn-based strategy tactical title ‘Crown Wars: The Black Prince’ will launch on Xbox Series consoles on the 7th of March, 2024. Artefacts Studio, the company behind the highly appreciated The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos, which has achieved 88% positive reviews on Steam, is back with a new release that will delight fans of turn-based strategy and tactics games.

In Crown Wars: The Black Prince, the player dives into the Hundred Years’ War, which embroiled several royal families in bloody conflict, with the crown of the most powerful kingdom of the West as the prize. But that is without taking a powerful Evil into account, one that can change History. A secret and diabolical organisation is sewing chaos throughout the kingdom in its quest for power.

In these troubled times, the game lets you play as a young lord from one of 4 families that have fallen out of favour, each with particular skills and its own history that is revealed as the game progresses. Guided by the mysterious alchemist Nicolas Flamel, you must restore your lands to their former glory and lead the fight against brigands, knights and the henchmen of the Order, the dark power behind the reign of terror. In order to liberate the kingdom from invasion and corrupting evil, you must recruit, equip and train squads of companions comprised of the 6 classes of soldiers available in the game. Without you, the war is lost. You are the last hope of the Brotherhood of Light.

Have a gander below for more details on Crown Wars: The Black Prince. This post will be updated with the Xbox Store page once available, but you can check out the Steam page here.

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