Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 and N-Sane Trilogy developer Vicarious Visions merged into Blizzard 'to support existing Blizzard games'

Hopefully Phil will initiate a rescue mission to save Vicarious Visions the second the deal closes.

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I think they actually handed off the reigns to Beenox for Tony Hawk iirc

For some reason people think Xbox will go in on Activision and make drastic changes but all acquisitions so far have been the opposite.

MS is hands off. They said they would make the deal if Activision had a plan to fix their culture. Sounds like MS is letting them fix themselves.

Idk just from past experience seems like MS will just over see any big issues and check in on what games they are doing and let them be like they’ve done so far with every other studio.

considering how toxic a workplace Activision is, i doubt MS will be hands off.

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Yeah, they are probably keeping a very close on activision blizzard to see who’s head to cut. If it comes out stuff hasn’t changed/hasn’t changed enough like a year after the acquisition has gone though at most all that good reputation Microsoft has despritely been trying to build up since the xbox one could easily go down the shitter

i also cant imagine MS bought such a large company, with such a deep catalogue of IPs, to keep cranking out the same stupid Call of Duty game. that’s Bobby’s playbook and it hasn’t been working.

during the acquisition Phil was name dropping Guitar Hero, Skylanders, classic Sierra titles, i think he even mentioned Zork. i look forward to seeing what MS’ vision is for that deep roster of titles.


While some might see it as a negative, VV is a very talented studio and might be exactly what Blizzard needs in terms of support as updates to their games and remasters have been lackluster in the past and VV will most likely fill that gap really well, maybe even expand and develop their own game based on a Blizzard franchise.

When people think of Activision, they think of Call of Duty. However, this deal means so much more for Game Pass. With Guitar Hero, Skylanders, Crash and Spyro you now have a solid lineup of family friendly titles. Blizzard and classic Sierra titles like you mentioned are great fits to expand PC Game Pass.

There is a reason why all of these titles were name dropped at the time of the announcement. Both Guitar Hero and Skylanders are perfect fits for Game Pass. You can essentially develop one game and continue to add content/expansions throughout. Microsoft also has the manufacturing resources to build peripherals and toys needed for both franchises, unlike Activision.

As you and others said, I highly doubt Microsoft doesn’t utilize these IPs in some way going forward.

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Amiibos being huge and the original Skylander being so big back in the day, I feel like MS should release a newer version, although they’ll probably need to release a dock to scan the figures like back in the day as I don’t think the Xbox has any capabilities to do it unlike let’s say the Switch. They could even have the game on Gamepass and release a bundle with 1-2 figures and the dock for those who don’t need to buy the game.

Guitar hero also needs to make a comeback but with the original style of controller and gameplay, not that Guitar Hero crap. Again, put the game on Gamepass and sell tons of DLC, that thing will pay for itself!

Add me in to the Hope Ms fix this once they acquire train.

The team is talented and has worked on multiple genres and games, often at the same time.