Todd Howard had a new interview with The Guardian

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“Over the last generation, open-world games became very popular as [developers] got used to making them, and saw the impact they could have on players,” he says. “I think this is what games do best. They do geography well, they put you in another world. A lot of mediums can tell good stories, and some linear games do fantastic things. But for us, putting you in another world asking, what would you do here? What are the possibilities? That’s really what sets gaming apart from other forms of entertainment.”

“Let’s just cast forward to the next five to 10 years of gaming - for me, it’s more about access than clock cycles,” he says. “Just the time it takes to even turn [a console] on and load up some of these games is a barrier – it’s time that you’re not enjoying being in that world … The kind of games we make are ones that people are going to sit down and play for hours at a time. If you can access a game more easily, and no matter what device you’re on or where you are, that’s what I think the next five to 10 years in gaming is about.

“I’d like to see more reactivity [in game worlds], more systems clashing together that players can express themselves with. I think chasing scale for scale’s sake is not always the best goal.”

“Obviously, we’re big fans of single player and we’ve had some success with some multiplayer-focused games,” says Howard. “We have found that even if it’s multiplayer, whether it’s Elder Scrolls Online or Fallout 76, a large number of our players want to play it like a single-player game and not have the other players distract from it. Games handle multiplayer in different ways, and I think it all has merit.”

“In our games whenever we go really linear, when we say, ‘Here’s the thing you must get, here’s where you must go’, it’s not as successful. When we give the player a short-term, medium- and long-term goal and then make sure they have a lot of options, and make sure that the game is reacting to them, that’s where I think the real magic happens. That’s when the player feels like, ‘Look what I did!’ Rather than a creator giving something to you and you consuming it, you gave something to the game. You come away with a sense of pride. You’ve accomplished something for the week.

“That’s one of the things people who don’t play a lot of games never quite understand. When you play a game and you accomplish something, that’s real. It’s a real accomplishment in your life, or it has been to me, and to other people I meet who love gaming. You can finish the week and say, ‘I saved the world’, and you legit feel that way. That’s the magic.”


Sounds like he is talking about more world interaction which sounds good. Games will be designed around really great cpus this gen which will lead to better world simulation. Bethesda must be happy.


Yeah, I am sure the CPUs last gen really put a limit on the world interactions they could do and I am kind of glad the next Elder Scrolls will have access to better CPUs. Also, we shouldn’t forget the potential of machine learning when it comes to these type of games specifically.

Absolutely! The more we can do, the better. I can’t way to see what his created brand new game world will be like. In a setting that is new to him too.

Reading that makes me want Elder Scrolls VI right now. If there is anybody who really gets what makes an open world RPG fun, it’s this man.

I agree.

As much jokes and memes are made about this man, and his games he always nails the game worlds. From what I’ve heard from actual players Fallout 76 has a fine world too.

Their games may lack some really important things that a Witcher 3 does nail, but their worlds are fantastic to explore.

Fallout 76 has arguably the second best map Bethesda ever made. Supposedly it was Maryland’s main contribution which gives me even more hope for Starfield.

Damn, that good? I really need to just check it out sometime then. What is their best map/world in your opinion?

Skyrim for me. It nailed the sense of exploration.

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It’s definitely an incredible world to explore, for sure. The game works pretty well as a single-player experience, in my opinion. It’s in a good place now, and just got a new content dump.

It’s on Game Pass!


Looking forward to his future work.

If only they put in a offline mode so that they can implement VATS because man…Fallout is not Fallout without VATS for me. But in the near future I’m gonna explore that world.

Are there NPCs now that give quests and everything?

There is VATS, it just doesn’t freeze time. I think the system they have works well.

There are human NPCs that give quests, yes, and there are factions that you can help/betray.

The game has course-corrected a lot. You really should give it a try.