Those with both gaming PC and Xbox, how do you decide where to buy games

I’m currently trying to decide where to buy Elden Ring.

Typically I only buy shooters on PC now, but with play everywhere, cross play etc the lines get blurred further and it gets harder to decide where to buy.

Console also is more comfortable than hunching over a PC, especially for a game that plays well on controller, and quick resume is great.

I can also see a future where MS let’s you play any console games you own on xcloud so that’s another reason to buy on console. Also the potential of free future enhancements for BC titles in future.

I think I’ll buy Elden Ring on console !

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I don’t generally buy games because of Game Pass. But if it’s a new release I really want I usually buy on Series X because it’s more powerful then my PC. Can depend on the game too.

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I’ll be getting Elden Ring on Xbox

55" 4k 60hz TV + Series X vs 27" 1440p 144hz monitor with an RTX 2070 XC

I’d rather just chill on my couch at this point

Series X is comfier

Worth preordering or is there a chance of a GamePass deal you think !?

I don’t pre-order anything