This is a good time to try Destiny 2

I started playing Destiny 2 few weeks ago. It was very difficult to get into as someone who had never played but I’m really enjoying it now. It’s like Halo but you’re a superhero.

There’s lots of content for free and next month on Gamepass for Xbox we get the first two expansion’s free and the new one for free on launch day in November.

The reason why now is good is because they will be removing some of this to make way for the new stuff in November. You will have time to enjoy it and find your footing before it goes.

It’s not the easiest game to work out to begin with but I managed it after some fumbling around. I still have lots to learn but I’ll get there.

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Right now I’m trying to clean up a bunch of the achievements in D1 in preparation for D2, but I might try getting the D2 story done soon.

Just did my first raid in Destiny ever… so I got a ways to go. lol

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I’ve not done a raid yet. I’m going through just ticking off quests and bounties on the 5 planets that are going.

It’s a cool game for listening to audio books as well. If I need to get kills with certain weapons I’ll just turn the volume down and go on a spree or do strikes that I’ve already done.

Do you have people to play with or are you doing stuff on your own ?

Do you have the season pass?

At some point you will hit a wall on what you can do effectively without the season pass because Destiny is weird.

I’m playing mostly on my own but one friend is starting now and another next week. I got the season pass twice. I don’t think I needed to. I got it on Stadia just by getting stadia Pro (I think) then thought I had to buy it again on Xbox but I’m now thinking it transfers over even though the expansions don’t.

I’ve done Red War and 1/3 way through Osiris. Level 1000. Feel like there is still lots to do. Going forward I’m happy to get the season passes. £32 a year I guess is worth it to me.

I think I’m going to jumo back in. If i start a new character do I have to start at level 1?

I started at 750. I didn’t know this but I think there is a helmet and other equipment you can pick up instantly that gets you to 1000 odds.

General play will get you moving quite quickly up to 1050 doing activities for powerful gear will give you fastest progress. Then you need Pinnacles to get the last 10 levels. The season Artifact also gives you levels as you progress so worth keeping an eye an that and doing as many bounties as you can.