The Xbox Series X|S Storage Card is no longer an accessory, it's damn near required

Dread it, run from it, the Storage Card gonna arrive in your Xbox Series X|S either way.

Flight Sim, Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 are gonna be big games in terms of size. Gears 5 is already huge, so is Forza Horizon 4 and Halo MCCC.

Some of the 3rd party offerings are no slouch either, like MLB The Show 21, and we can assume that future games such as Far Cry 6, Battlefield 2042 and others are gonna be big.

Stop fighting it and just get one already.

Hopefully the third-party solutions are coming soon because the Seagate one is still stupid expensive, but we gotta face the facts jack

You’re gonna need one.


I have 10 GB of free space left on my Series X. :grimacing:

I think it might be time.


Newegg had them 10% off the other day. If I’d been home and able to get on the site easier I probably would have posted it.

I got mine earlier this year for 10% off plus 5% off with red card at target plus 2 purchases over $100, get a $20 reward code to spend

Would not be shocked if they show off more options later this year.

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Bought mine day 1 and havent regretted it since. As long as you manage your games properly and dont keep stuff unnecessarily stored you will be fine.


Yeah when next gen really ramps up, this is going to be a problem. I’m already trading games in and out of cold storage on my Series X, and it’s a hassle.

They just announced another year of support for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, so that’s another year that it’s going to live on the SSD… Destiny 2 and Gears 5 aren’t going anywhere… There’s only room for a few more games after that.

Only thing I don’t like about the SSD. It was nice before to plug in an external hard drive and just see the number go up and that was all you had to worry about. Now we’ve got to manage the different tiers of space.

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I opted for a large USB storage instead to transfer between. Could get 8TBs for half the price of the 1TB card. Hopefully prices go down eventually.


Can you cold storage the Series X versions? And I mean the actual native versions?

Seems like when I try to cold storage the Series X versions, they go back to One X versions and I have to redownload them again.

It only costs 3 PlayStation games. 2 and a half if you can find a deal.



Yep. I already planned to order one next month, as I’m juggling between games, deleting one to make room for a new one, and that’s just not practical.

And considering the store infos for these new games, Battlefield 2042 will be 60Gb at launch, FH5 = 96Gb, Halo Infinite will probably be 50Gb at least, but probably way more, and STALKER 2 will be 150Gb !! At this point, the SDD card is mandatory if you have a Series S.

At least with 1tb, you’re set for the next few years. And if games keep getting bigger like that, prices will go down fast, but yeah, I was not expecting the need to get one so soon tbh.

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I love mine, I’ve had it say day 1 and I’m using it between my Series S and X. Definitely a must have!


I picked one up straight away and have never regretted it.
Now I own a Series X and a Series S it is even more useful.


I disagree. I’m a GamePass junkie and with the ease of deleting games from the mobile app and downloading them via the GamePass app while I’m working makes this trivial.

It’s even more trivial if you have a portable HDD that you can use as cold storage.

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Its ok for seriesX owners. They can use the internal ssd for series games and use a external cheap nvme or sata or even hdd for x1 games.

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I’ve had mine for a few months now. It’s a godsend.


I don’t have a data cap. I just download and delete as needed.

Still waiting for more options from various companies and capacities.

This one is very intriguing, but… Maybe when we’ll have more options then prices would be a bit lower.

I’d rather swap games in/out of my external SSD and HD. Only takes minutes and a lot cheaper.

I mean you can but Id rather avoid that hassle.

Its a trade-off, time vs money. I pick money (as in, saving it) for now but each to their own. :slightly_smiling_face: