The Time Has Come For Xbox's Answer to Smash, and I Think it Should Be an FPS

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I laid out a pitch for it when Gearbox was being thrown around, but the more I think on it, the more I like it. I think the time has come for Xbox’s answer to Smash Bros. For years, the debate always was whether they had the IP to sustain it, and now I truly believe that they do. HOWEVER, here’s the catch, It should be a first-person hero shooter.

I think this game should do for first person shooters what Smash did for fighting games. Yes, I want to see a shooter with multiple modes that is incredibly easy to pick up and play for people of all skill levels. I’m thinking you’re locked into one arm, one side arm, one special ability and then various pickup items across the many series Xbox owns (i.e. BFG, Minecraft potions, etc.). You could see arenas based on series all across Xbox (especially ones that may not have a suitable character rep like Ori), and even some third party characters and stages. I believe Quake Champions did something kinda similar to this with Doom Slayer and BJ, but I think it should go one step further. The roster would also be divided into three (almost) equal categories: Bruiser (who deal and take the brunt of damage), Stealth (who are glass cannons that hit hard but are frail, and have an advantage in close quarters) and Support (Health levels vary, but these guys are great at healing and buffing.)

In terms on engine, I think this game should run on Id Tech. In terms of developer, I believe maybe Roundhouse could do it. Regardless of how you may feel about their other work, their work on the original Prey is astounding, they helped make Hexen and Heretic AND most of the old team is still there. They also have ample experience with Id Tech.

This is the roster I was thinking.


1. Master Chief

Main Arm: Assault Rifle

Side Arm: Pistol

Special Ability: Bubble Shield

Chief is an all-around type, like Mario in Smash. Easy to pick up and play for anyone.

2. Marcus Fenix

Main Arm: Lancer

Side Arm: Boltok Pistol

Special Ability: Lancer Execution

Marcus is back and plays basically like himself in Gears. A tad slower and a big hitbox, but a bruiser that can slash unsuspecting victims below 25% health with the Lancer.

3. Doomslayer

Main Arm: Shotgun

Side Arm: Energy Rifle

Special Ability: Glory Kill

Doomslayer is an up-in-your face brute who can take and deal a ton of damage, and after charging up can instantly kill a rival under 25% health with a glory kill (albeit obviously toned down to get a T rating)

4. BJ Blazkowicz

Main Arm: Sturmgewehr

Side Arm: Handgun

Ability: Dual-Wield

Terror-Billy is back! If my recollection is correct, this loadout is similar to his one in Quake Champions, but it could use some balance tweaking to make dual-wielding less OP.

5. Brotherhood of Steel Rep

Main Arm: Chaingun

Side Arm: Flamethrower

Ability: Propulsion Boost

Make this anyone of the BoS you’d like. They would wear the power armour which would make them incredibly powerful but also slow as molasses except when using the propulsion boost between cool-downs.

6. Lone Survivor and Dogmeat

Main Arm: Plasma Gun

Side Arm: .44 Pistol

Special Ability: Dogmeat

Our second Fallout rep, the Lone Survivor will travel with Dogmeat and can command him to pick up items and restrain enemies between cooldowns. Dogmeat cannot die, he runs to see his master respawn.

7. Morgan Yu

Main Arm: Q Beam

Side Arm: Wrench

Special Ability: Typhon Strike

Morgan is another all-around type, that can use their Typhon powers to create a massive shockwave that stuns enemies. Gloo Gun would be a pickup so it’s not in their arsenal.

8. Duke Nukem

Main Arm: Microwave Expander

Side Arm: Pistol

Special Ability: Bubble Gum Mania

Duke, our first third-party rep, is back, and he’s all out of bubble gum. Use his bubble gum mania ability and he’ll chew some more causing a large explosive radius damaging all in its path.

9. Gordon Freeman

Main Arm: Assault Shotgun

Side Arm: Crowbar

Special Ability: Headcrab

Watch out for Gordon! He can deal real damage up close and can unleash a headcrab to take brief control over any enemy unit.


10. Joanna Dark

Main Arm: Laptop Gun

Side Arm: Silenced Pistol

Special Ability: Sentry

Joanna Dark is deadly. She can pick you off with a few well placed silenced headshots, and she can protect her territory with a variety of sentry guns.

11. Emily Kaldwin

Main Arm: Crossbow

Side Arm: Pistol

Ability: Far Reach

Emily is quick, and deadly, like a thief. She can use her far reach to propel herself across the map.

12. Corvo Attano

Main Arm: Sword

Side Arm: Pistol

Special Ability: Blink

Corvo is special in that he is our first primarily melee character. He can deal a ton of close-quarters damage with his sword, and can use his blink ability to reach hard-to-reach areas, and can drop attack from them causing massive damage.

13. Julianna

Main Arm: Sniper Rifle

Side Arm: Silenced Pistol

Ability: Social Stealth

Julianna, from Deathloop, is able to disguise herself for 30 seconds as any rival teammate in a manner similar to the spy from TF2, and can pick off enemies from a distance as well. This is counterbalanced by her being among the weakest in HP.

14. Arbiter

Main Weapon: Energy Sword

Side Weapon: Needler

Ability: Cloaking

Arbiter can go invisible at a moments notice and stalk you, but he only has 30 seconds to do so. Watch out!

15. Starfield Rep

Main Arm: Idk

Side Arm: Idk

Ability: Idk

We need a Starfield rep somewhere, but I do not know where.

16. Pierce Brosnan Era Blocky N64 James Bond

Main Arm: AK-47

Side Arm: Silenced Pistol

Ability: Quick Draw

Please, it’s time. Render him in all the clunky N64 days glory. His quick draw ability allows him to deflect 5 incoming attacks with a shot from his pistol, just like in the intro to his movies.

17. Agent 47

Main Arm: Sniper Rifle

Side Arm: Silenced Pistol

Ability: Remote Explosive

Excellent work 47. Everyone’s favourite bald secret agent not named Phil Harrison is back and better than ever. His remote explosive can be detonated at any time so watch out!


18. Dovahkiin

Main Arm: One of Fire, Lightning or Ice Magic

Side Arm: One of Health or Hasten Magic

Main Ability: FUS RO DA!

Dovakiin can use multiple types of magic, and can switch to heal and hasten allies. They can even dual wield albeit to less effect. Their main ability can knock back all enemies and deal large damage.

19. Parvati Halcombe

Main Arm: Assault Rifle

Side Arm: Energy Ray

Ability: Repair

Parvati is an all-around unit with a decent arsenal that can replenish ammo for her allies.

20. Kait Diaz

Main Arm: Gnasher

Side Arm: Boltok Pistol

Ability: Jack Protect

Kait Diaz is great in close-quarters and can use Jack to keep a player alive in a DBNO state for 15 seconds, allowing her the chance to heal them.

21. Tommy

Main Arm: Shotgun

Side Arm: Wrench

Ability: Healing Winds

Tommy is a close-quarters character that can enter a trance like state for 15 seconds wherein he can hunt spirits, granting health to all team members dependant on the number he defeats.

22. Hero of Bowerstone

Main Arm: Crossbow

Side Arm: Sword

Ability: Chicken Chaser

The Hero of Bowerstone is an all-around type with melee and ranged capabilities. They can use their chicken chaser skill to summon an army of chickens to stun and attack their enemies, Zelda Cucco style.

23. Starfield Rep 2

Main Arm: IDK

Side Arm: IDK

Ability: Some kinda buff

Again, IDK.

24. Chel

Main Arm: Portal Gun

Side Arm: Pistol

Special Ability: Turret Summon

Chel is an interesting character in that her offensive capabilities are limited, but she can use her portal gun to great portals for her teammates outside of restricted areas (i.e. not over obstacles or in the same room as an objective. She can place defensive portal turrets.

25. Lara Croft

Main Arm: Bow

Side Arm: Pistol

Ability: Survival Instincts

Lara can use her bow and pistol to deal major damage, and with her ability she can restore any local ally to full health over 5 seconds.

So, what do you think? Obviously balance needs work but just spitballing an idea.


Love the idea. What about some characters from Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon?

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Well well ngl this sounds fun :D.

So in fact some kind of hero shooter?

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That’d be really cool as well. I tried to mostly restrict the roster to currently ongoing franchises but I’d love to see reps from older titles too like ones from those games, Crimson Skies, Brute Force, etc.

I think we can throw in Joule from ReCore, A Sea of thieves rep, Marius from Ryse, Cuphead, Jack Cooper from Titanfall with his time travel ability or even TITANFALL, ZeroCool as a support from Bleeding Edge, and Rash as a melee bruiser from Battletoads

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I meant to put in a SoT one. Great ideas for a cast all around.

I feel like we can end up building a dream game but then be ultimately disappointed when nobody picks it up. Is it possible to make this go viral and make MS take notice?

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Nah, buy Capcom. Make Power Stone 3. Done


Or buy Nintendo. Then they won’t need an answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I want a smash bros with a proper party and invite system that doesn’t resolve into gathering your friends in the same room lol


Phil does lurk so fingers crossed there.

Honestly… I love what you’ve made here.

I think another option would be a Tactics or Beat Em’ Up styled game.

Whatever we can do to really express the IPs of Xbox in a celebratory title would be cool, honestly.


on the topic of Tactics, if anyone were to remake tactics ogre, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Knight of Lodis is one of my favourite games ever.

I think Wolfenstein could work as a tactics games since we have to stealth against nazis sometimes.


Love the effort you put into this, amazing idea


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I badly want Xbox to do a big crossover game. But similar to how I feel WoW has cornered the market on MMOs, I think Overwatch has cornered it on hero shooters. So I’d rather see them go for a space that’s unoccupied, like a Power Stone-type game.


The next Quake game can try this.


A spin on this, but would like to see a MOBA like game similar to Smite based off microsoft characters. Unsure what is a way to make a MOBA type of game faster paced, but I think that could work

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I have another great idea.

Work all details with Perfect World and buy the Gigantic IP + the content back from the dead. RE hire all the motiga guys.

Give all funds and support and add the entire rooster of Xbox personalities into this game.

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