The Riftbreaker | OT - RTS/Tower Defense/Twin-Stick Shooting Brilliance and it's on Game Pass

Excellent game so far, having some serous fun with it. My only complaint is an occasional freeze every time the autosave is running.

So, how exactly to know from which direction the base will be attacked? I see some warnings on the map, like a nest from which they coming, but I can swear that few times happened that they came from some random direction, which wasn’t alerted on the map. In other, words, where to look when an attack warning comes?

Once you build radars you can tell where things are coming from more quickly. You’ll want to get as much coverage as possible.

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That would be nice if don’t spend most of the time fixing damn base :smiley:. By the time I’m back to an operating state, another attack warning pops up.

Hmm, playing on a harder difficulty? I was on normal and attacks weren’t that common in the early to mid-game. It can be really rough in the other biomes though haha.