The OT [OT] - Claim your thread

That would be great! If you want to volunteer :wink:

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Don’t mind me if I do,

With that said, should I wait for something? @SuikerBrood

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I’m doing The Medium for other Era and am happy to “port” over here.

No, go ahead!

I claim the OT for any Crimson Skies release.

Thought about this, I think we should limit it to two screenshots per post and try and minimize the amount of double posts.

I’d say everything in-game goes.

I’ll do the community icebreaker OT. Way for members to share who they are and learn about other fellow forum members

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I’d like to claim a Rock Band OT. It’d technically be for all Rock Band games but would be focused on 4.

Since new DLC is still coming out weekly it’ll definitely be constantly update (we can edit our thread titles here, right?)

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I believe so, yes.

Looking forward to the OT!

Has anyone claimed the off topic NBA thread

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Go ahead!

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Can I claim the official Gears of war thread.

I would like to claim a documentary thread, where we could post documentaries about games (for example about mechanics, game sins or the history about the video game series)

Go for it!

That sounds really interesting, can’t wait to see it

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I suppose I should post it in here

Xbox Insider Preview - ongoing


I‘d like to claim the Sea of Thieves OT, if possible.

Go ahead and make us pirates proud!

Oh, this is also for non gaming OT’s… :see_no_evil:

Sorry, I already went ahead and made a F1 OT, hope you don’t mind…

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I would like to claim Xbox next studio they acquire

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