The one we've all been waiting for (Digital Foundry) is up

Richard seems to be incredibly impressed.


This is indeed the one I have been waiting for. I will be watching it later this evening with great interest.


Thanks this has been what i’ve been waiting for. Digital Foundry is the goat when it comes to hardware performance analysis.


GTA IV is running at 60FPS with HDR on with no need for patches.

Yeah, that’s the stuff!


A thought: imagine Skyrim Special Edition with the uncapped FPS mod on Series X/S. 60fps Skyrim? Yes, please.


I think Skyrim might receive a free optimization upgrade to keep us entertained while Elder Scrolls VI is not here yet.

But yeah, we should see improvements right out of the gate!




Very impressed, for games completely unoptimised for series x.


Interesting tidbit: the GPU (while using all Tflops) actually runs in a “compatibility mode” while playing BC games. Apparently, meaning that it is not as efficient as it could be

Great video on a great feature. Love how the BC is working out.

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Love love love it. Digital Foundry’s BC videos are my favorite content of theirs and Microsoft is continuing to nail it so hard. This feeds my soul. :slight_smile:


People on the other forum saying it’s going to be the same on PS5. Yet we have 0 information on BC and recently we found out Yakuza 7/Spiderman saves won’t transfer to PS5 lmao

It’s fantastic stuff and it really remains to be seen if PS5 is getting this. We know how the BC of Xbox nailed it with One X and we have barely heard Sony about it.

That being said, I saw some games where it couldn’t stick to 60fps.

Hitman especially couldnt quite keep it at 60fps in the DF, I didn’t expect that. But like Richard said, maybe that’s just the limit of BC.

Because I can’t imagine this is a indication of actual next gen games. We know XGS puts a big focus on delivering 60fps and they can make use of everything the hardware offers. Some features are not used for BC I saw in the DF.

That probably explains it all.

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Once again, Xbox proves it has the industry leading BC team for consoles.

And the hardware ain’t bad either!


There’s a reason why Xbox is being extremely transparent with their tech and Sony isn’t just less than 2 months from launch.

Xbox Series X|S is a technical achievement and every detail was meticulously planned with supreme execution. I don’t think any other team in the world can build what Series X is


@OneBadMutha Not sure if you saw this from DF.

Haven’t yet. Going to check it out in a couple hours. DFs work is the one I like to sit down and watch with no distractions. Thanks man!


Yes, it’s my go to site, and I need full audio and video.

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Absolutely can’t be, I think it’s a limitation on BC, brute force only goes so far.

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I just want to have the damn console now… … This BC magic making the wait more and more unbearable :crazy_face: