The Medium: The First 18 minutes on XSX (4k)

Spoiler potential, obviously.



I never watch these things, I hate being spoiled :wink: But I hope it looks good and is fun to play.

I’m easily scared too, so not sure how I will cope with this game but since it’s on Game Pass I have to try.

2:32 it’s definitely ray tracing… right?

I won’t watch buut how does it look?

Could be planar reflections. Based on some of the other scenes in the rain, it does look like it can be ray tracing. If it is, it looks really clean, without much of the noise seen in other games so far. Could just be the compression in the video cleaning it up too though lol

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It looks like Ray Tracing but if it’s not… … Why sacrifice so much performance when you can have result like that without RT ?

Planar reflections only work on flat objects like a body of water.

Planar Reflections | Unreal Engine Documentation

So, is this Ray Tracing in Medium or Planar Reflections ?

(thanks for the link by the way :wink: )

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Hard to tell in the few seconds shown in the video. I didn’t watch the whole thing, just jumped to the timestamp someone mentioned.

I’d say it’s safer to say it’s RT reflections. If we’re able to walk around the area in real time, it would be easier to tell.

Yeah I understand, the fact that it look so clean make me believe it’s certainly is not RT but we’ll see :wink:

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Yeah, that’s the one thing I wonder about. It looks very clean and so far, RT reflections have had noticeable noise artifacts. Then again the reflections in R&C look very clean as well. So it could just be a matter of devs having more time or applying their own denoising filters.

The fixed camera angle lets them significantly reduce the scale of their BVH structure, which could be helping the crispness quite a bit. Anything behind the camera doesn’t need to be searched for intersections.

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Daaaaang the game looks really good. Clearly animations are more stiff and less real but this is probably due to budget.

However the game looks really amazing and crisp in this 4k video I imagine it looks even better on my screen. Now let’s hope the game is not too scary. I struggled with any first person horror game si far but I managed to play Dead Space 2 and Alan Wake on easy.

It seems I’m less frightened by third person. Soma was a miss. 3 € I wont get back :slight_smile:

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Definitely agree there, though the opening cinematic isn’t fixed.

I just question how much use RT reflections would have in the game from what we’ve seen so far. Doesn’t look like there is a lot of reflective surfaces to make use of the technique.

The lighting in general seems incredibly well done to me. Extremely realistic and natural. So long as that is the norm I’ll be happy. All the reflective surfaces so far appear to be planes, so it’s hard to tell if RT or not.


The textures are really good and everything is looking very pristine. Its rather exciting that a game from a smaller studio with a small budget is looking so good.


How are the black levels? I wasn’t a fan of those in Blair Witch, didn’t matter if it was SDR or HDR, it was so grey and with OLED you really see things like banding badly then.

As for raytracing, last year they corrected a rumor that they wouldn’t have raytracing in the game at launch and said it would have it. Since then I don’t think we heard much about it, except that Observer to my knowledge still doesn’t have it. Hopefully The Medium does!