The Fanboy Cycle?

Personally I really hate double standards. People shitting on one platform for somthing and being slack about the same issue for another platform.

Its a viscous cycle because people witness double standards, or trashing or whatever other negetive thing and then they want to do the same thing to these people.

For example I sometimes find myself wanting to trash Playstation not because I hate playstation but because playstation fans have trashed xbox and its bullshit and I guess I want some kind of revenge.

I guess I need to stay away from these types of comments because its taking away my enjoyment from gaming.


I’m at the point now where I just laugh at people being ridiculous or overtly hyperbolic when it comes to entertainment devices. It’s just human behavior and it permeates through pretty much everything. Coke/Pepsi, AMD/Intel, Sports teams, etc.

I wish people could just enjoy things without the incessant need to tear something else down.


I know what you mean. I’m equal parts excited about PS5 and pre ordering and elates because it showed MS was right and made the fanboys who crucified MS and called Phil Spencer a lying asshole eat fucking crow. Either way, feels good.


I don’t have an ounce of hate for Sony or PlayStation, but they have the most unbearable fans in the entire industry and most of the gaming media transparently spins everything positive for them and negative for Xbox.


You just need to take yourself away from any kind of keyboard… lol. Just enjoy the meltdowns that’s all.


It’s one thing to feel justified correcting Sony fanboys’ misinformation, but Xbox fans need to remember not to be hypocrites ourselves. Many of us felt cross gen stuff likely would not hold back next gen game design notably. We now see Sony themselves agrees. We should not now run to the other end of the argument and pretend cross gen holds back PS5 stuff, which is the temptation in some cases. A common understanding of the facts at play should be the end goal of any discussion and if both groups just flip sides they are both hypocrites.


Yes, if gamers did not have double standards things would be a lot better. The truth is xbox and playstation are very similar. Biased opinions effect people in a negetive way, it can make people more sensitive. Im speaking for myself really. I read on another forum about the daulsense is £70, and the first 10 replies are “expected” which is an attempt to dampen or deflect that £70 for a controller sucks. If it were xbox the first 10 replies would be “yikes” “not good” etc, and its so obvious they are fanboys and it gets me angry.

The best solution is that I just dont go to these places. its something i need to work on.

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Please stop making console war threads