"The Echollector Update" Hits 'Immortals of Aveum' on November 16---New Content, New Game Plus, More + Free Trial Available

Originally published at: "The Echollector Update" Hits 'Immortals of Aveum' on November 16-New Content, New Game Plus, More + Free Trial Available - XboxEra

Developer Ascendant Studios and publisher Electronic Arts have announced that Immortals of Aveum’s latest patch, dubbed “The Echollector Update”, will launch on the 16th of November. This update introduces free playable content, a new game plus mode + higher level difficulty, performance improvements, and a free trial on Xbox Series consoles (demo on PC).

Per the press release on the new content:

“THE ECHOLLECTOR” Content Update is a new endgame objective for players who want more lore and new content to play through once they’ve reached the later chapters. The events of the Everwar left the Path weak, scattering chunks of the consciouscape across Aveum and creating corrupted Shatterfanes – portals to new, undiscovered areas.

Jak must rid Aveum of these Shatterfanes and put a stop to whatever malevolent forces are siphoning away the Path’s power in a new boss fight. The Shatterfanes will automatically be available upon reaching Glaivegate, giving you the chance to take on this new challenge.

And regarding new game plus and the ‘Grand Magnus’ difficulty:

NEW GAME+ has been one of the biggest requests we’ve gotten and we’re thrilled to be able to confirm it’s coming. NG+ will not only allow you to play through the game again with most of your abilities and spells, it’ll also give you the opportunity to further upgrade your gear and take on updated fights.

Upgrade your Epic and Legendary gear to higher levels with the Forge in NG+
Rebalanced enemy health, damage, and abilities
Jak carries forward most spells and abilities unlocked in a previous playthrough
Augment spells cannot carry forward due to their unlock requirements
Adjustments made to experience and currency earned while playing

GRAND MAGNUS DIFFICULTY brings a whole new level of challenge to Aveum. Face down Sandrakk’s forces like never before in the most challenging mode yet. Every fight will be a battle for survival as you push your way through the Everwar and forge yourself into an Immortal worthy of the name.

And of course, this brand-new difficulty mode is available as a new playthrough or with New Game+!

The company will also release patch today that implements performance boosts on Xbox Series consoles and PC.

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Bought the deluxe edition for $40 a few weeks ago digitally. Just wrapped up RoboCop: Rogue City and will start Like a Dragon Ishin and once I complete that, I’ll start up Immortals of Aveum as I don’t want to play two first person shooters in a row. Update sounds pretty good.