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The thing about multi platform games playing best - Microsoft need to show this. Show us a load of new shiny games we can buy at launch running on the series X. The fact is that until they do that they aren’t marketing their power. Something for me has gone wrong with Xbox I suspect it’s down to Covid partly but back in January they were confident there was a plan and seemingly a swagger about them.

Since then…20/20 announced then inexplicably pulled back on when there was absolutely no need other than to qualify what it meant. May showcase has basically no gameplay. July showcase had Halo gameplay but basically no other gameplay. Halo Infinite delayed. Series S leaks everywhere yet it’s announcement delayed.

If you are delaying Halo Infinite you come out with a date where you are showing launch titles on your new console to at least show people you aren’t doing the weirdest and frankly most low key console launch in history. They really need to show some communication now. I’d just go full honesty mode. Because to me clearly a lot has gone wrong since January but they seem to be reverting to old Microsoft and clamming up at the very worst moment.


The problem is that we’re too busy worrying about the Xbox brand, when that’s not our job.

Our job is to have MS convince us to buy Series X.

I’ll buy in once they can convince me it’s worth my while, and not a second sooner.


Fair point.

I think a lot of enthusiasts want the brand to be successful because it leads to a better overall ecosystem for us

Great article. Totally agree. We deserve the best they can give us, even if it takes a little while longer.

I don’t not think this will hurt the sales of the Series X very much, if at all. Have you guys tried to walk into a big box store to buy gaming hardware lately? Pickings are slim. I can’t even find a brand new One S (not that I need one). Covid has definitely been a boon for the gaming business, unfortunately.

I seen someone on twitter say they should have crunched harder. Absolutely vile take. I’m sad that games being delayed but it’s for the best. The game’s obviously not ready.

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I mean yeah…COVID went wrong. Not complicated really.

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with what next gen game will buy the console then? anyone knows what games will be ready for xsx launch?

They need to take their time and ensure that the game they release is worth the Halo name. Gameplay was what was expected, but the visuals are something that need work. Also hearing that ray tracing would not have been there at launch was so disappointing seeing that it was one of the selling points of the new console.

This delay is for the best, but as has been stated by a lot of other posters, it is something that does put Microsoft in a poor position. Consoles will sell regardless of what the price is as the hardcore gobble it up, but the problem is whether or not there will be enough content to not only distinguish it from the previous generation, but also whether that content stacks up well to the competition.

The game, of course. The launch? That is a little different.

Ultimately, it is what is best for the team, first and foremost, followed by the game. They want to release the best possible game. Same reason behind cyberpunk, last of us 2 and others in delaying their release.

The big part is that if you consider the xbox team, they will have had this be a consideration for the last few weeks. So what do you do? You do what is best for the game because the gamers matter.

Now, i believe we need to wait patiently for the next news hit from Xbox. I think that they would have a plan or plans about what is best and how that needs to change.

It could be to announce the Jeff grubb hinted at gamepass deal to bolster the launch. That deal could have newly announced titles attached to it or a already announced title coming day 1 to gamepass. Hell, they could lock down a exclusive. It is a complete unknown.

Much like with God of War 2018, the delay of three months helped that title achieve an amazing release. Halo is capable of the same. Also means I get more time to spend in the big November releases this year on my series X while I lose my wife to assassins creed.

100% the right idea. Halo is a huge part of Xbox and if halo fails then Xbox follows.

My main concern is that they have lost there main magnet into the ecosystem. I have many friends and work colleagues who have basically said that they will now get ps5 on launch and then series x down the line. Not even a week ago we were all talking about 120fps halo and fanboying over it and now it’s all died down.

Microsoft need to do something because I honestly see no reason to upgrade a perfectly good one X and I’m sure many are in a similar boat.

Falconer, Scorn amd Medium just off the top of my head will be good third party x exclusives at launch. Halo is disappointing but im 100% okay with it. With covid we all knew this was a real possibility. And it did take some balls to delay this make no mistake, they’re getting hammered on socials. But ultimately halo deserves the time to get it right so I’m 100% behind this call, it was the right call.

People are overlooking Yakuza like a Dragon. That’s a launch title for Series X as well. It’s next gen version is timed exclusive to Xbox.

I talk about this in the newest episode of my podcast, I can provide a link if anyone is interested… I just dont want to spam self promotion in threads like this.

But essentially, the disappointment we all feel is fleeting, we wont think about how we feel today when we are enjoying the game in 2021 and it gives 343 time to implement essential features like ray tracing and wider scale community testing… a holiday 2020 halo infinite multiplayer beta coming with the console is probably not out of the realm of possibility now and would absolutely make this an easier pill to swallow for most fans.

create a different post with a clear outline of what your podcast is about and your goals and ambitions with it and provide links, I’m sure that’s fine (@Sikamikanico can confirm?)


If that is an option I would gladly do that.

I posted in the claim an OT thread about potentially making a OT where anyone who creates content within the community can post their stuff, get feedback, network with others for potential collaborations etc which maybe is a better option. I feel weird interrupting all of the great discussion threads popping up just to say hey checkout my podcast :stuck_out_tongue:

either way I don’t want to derail this topic any more then I already did haha, but I really appreciate you reaching out @Ruthwik_Rao!

I agree with this however the delay resulted in more brand confidence (for me), not less. If people don’t see a reason to buy it at launch, I think that’s fair. While there’s less incentive for many to buy at launch, I there’s there’s a really good case that there’s more incentive to have confidence in the product long term. Don’t blame any consumer who says “I’ll wait until they prove it”. Me personally…this delay was refreshing.

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Yea dreamcastguy’s video made me cringe

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