The Big ol' Xbox 3rd Party Releases Discussion Thread (HiFi, SoT, Pentiment, Grounded)

I asked Microsoft Bing’s copilot:

“Is hifi rush better on Ps5 or series?”

Bing replied:

“In summary, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions provide a similar gaming experience, with the PS5 having improved shadows and slightly faster load times.”

So Bing says the PS5 is better.

You can start trying to work out how many people are watching digital foundry, how many people ask AI, and how many people choose which console they have get based on the social network formerly known as Twitter if you like, but you’d have to be pretty dug in to say it doesn’t matter that Microsoft’s own search engine says the PS5 version is better than the Xbox version.

Again, despite having been said repeatedly, it doesn’t matter if it’s just the shadows, the question people will ask is “what’s better?” not “what’s got the best shadows?” In either case, the answer, unfortunately, will be PS5.


The question is, does that affect casual gamers, so you can ask it that as well? Who is searching for the best platform to play hi-fi rush on at the best experience? The answer is PC in that case or Switch if you prefer mobility, or xbox if you prefer crosssaves and not paying fullprice.

Thats the whole point, every bit of nuance or thought is sucked out of the discussion because people refuse to accept their position is not the majority.

Obviously not but they are more likely to see a headline from IGN/hear about it from a friend, once again, without context, details, or specifics. “Word of mouth is the best form of promotion” x “ bad news travels fast” =you get my drift.

That Hifi Rush thing may not matter to hardcore gamers posting on a video game message board who are already fans of Xbox but it can certainly be a deterrent from casual consumers entering the ecosystem…which Xbox is certainly trying to get to happen.

But ya know, thats just “console war” talk apparently. I can’t tell if that level of dismissal is from living within the vacuum of the hobby or just straight up disingenuous.


While there’s some trolling “could Halo be on the way?”, given there’s no Xbox magazine anymore it’s actually almost free promotion in the UK newsstands given the way the word Xbox is highlighted so much


There’s always a “But…”, the thing is that this generation they are making much more money than any other so far.

Exclusives, marketing and word of mouth is what makes Sony sell so many consoles.

Exclusives, marketing and word of mouth is what made X360 so succesful for the first half of the generation at least.

They can if these games sell 10M+ copies, anyways the job of these games isn’t just to be very profitable, but to attract people to their console, Sony is so small compared to the whole gaming industry, they sell what, 40M first party copies on Playstation per year? compared to like 350M from third party studios, if these first party games help attracting people to Playstation so they can get a 30% of these 350M ones, that’s smart enough.


Only it doesn’t, and I’m trying a few different models here. All models mention the haptics as a larger USP for PlayStation, which, for a rhythm game, is kind of hilarious how overlooked this part of the discussion is. Overall though…

The best place to play Hi-Fi Rush depends on your preferences and what you already have available:

  • Xbox Series X/S or PC with Xbox Game Pass: This is generally considered the most ideal option. Hi-Fi Rush was an Xbox Game Pass launch title, meaning it’s included in the subscription service at no additional cost. If you already have Game Pass on either platform, you can download and play it right away.

I guess I was wrong on what I thought AI would say… Just as a bit of fun kind of interesting the ‘battle’ of AI is so much different than what I thought it would be growing up in the 80’s

Well it does.

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nope, also I’m interested to know why you are cutting out information on there that tells you the opposite.

The best platform to play Hi-Fi Rush would depend on your personal preferences and the setup you have. Here’s a quick rundown of what each platform offers:

Ultimately, the best platform is the one that matches your gaming preferences, whether it’s the convenience of a console or the high performance of a PC.

I don’t consider search results a gotcha when the whole crux of the argument is that most people don’t care enough to have searched in the first place.

That said, a bunch of hardcore gamers attempting to out themselves in the shoes of a casual gamer (good luck) to think about how they are going to perceive this stuff is not something that people are going to agree on.


This is the whole point; you can see how people skew and morph results in the last six responses. AI can say (depending on prompts) that the Haptics make PS the best version to play on, but no one picked up on that. Shadow quality doesn’t enter that equation, but haptics (exclusive to PS) do matter; maybe I’m wrong but I haven’t seen a big deal about that.


Ok, let’s break it down.

You don’t think it’s a problem for the best place to play Xbox games to seemingly be anywhere but Xbox consoles. By that I mean, the best performance/visuals. The way that this stuff has been talked about forever.

I disagree.

Of course if you’ve got an Xbox under the TV already, nobody would say you must buy a PC or a PS5. Nobody’s arguing that.

Nobody’s arguing that the shadows are revolutionary.

What people are saying is that it’s a bad look for Microsoft games to perform better on competitor hardware.

You may argue that nobody will ever compare Xbox to playstation and will buy one or the other without ever having spoken to anyone, never looking on social media, never seeing a video on youtube, never talking to an AI assistant.

But I disagree.


Sorry for spamming but I actually agree with you 100%. A first party title should have the BEST experience on its native console and I think frankly is embarrassing when it doesn’t (I think Phil even says this)

So this is a very long way to come around to the point that this sucks, I don’t believe it has the social impact people are making out, but a thousand little impacts DO matter (Ghostire Tokyo). I also got a little caught up in AI, I wasn’t trying to argue for arguments sake.

You make great points, breaking it down honestly, which caused me to rethink. Hopefully, it hasn’t bored anyone to tears, but I think it’s a worthy discussion rather than a pissing contest.


I mean in theory, the reason to bring some to other platforms is to get them saying, “Well damn. Xbox got some amazing titles.”

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That was the idea on paper yes, but the reality is Playstation probably has the most loyal consumers in the world after Apple. These games won’t make enough of a dent to justify a meaningful amount of people buying into the ecosystem.

They want to try something like he said and realistically until further notice, only console itself which part of expansion to the ecosystem plan needs the help. We’ll see what they got and see what they want to do next.

On the contrary, these are the kind of discussions we should have. It’s not about agreeing on everything but to get different perspectives and constructive discussion without the drive-by posters or zealots in either camp throwing insults or being condescending.


This is not true, they buy exclusives for a reason.

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Agreed if anything I’d say PlayStation customers are not loyal at all.

How so? These customers seem to have been missing a lot this generation.

I think PlayStation’s customer base is far more Google/Android-like. They have the Apple “prestige” in how people think about them but the actual playerbase spends less per user than Nintendo or Xbox.