The Big ol' Xbox 3rd Party Releases Discussion Thread (HiFi, SoT, Pentiment, Grounded)

Of course, I insist, case by case basis. Fable or Perfect Dark on Playstation would be like wtf, I agree.

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Safe to say new year resolution didn’t have “leave old topic behind.”

Again, I and other mods won’t have much tolerance for this conversation when it’s based on vague insider rumors. Let’s not get too frothed up about it.


jez and rand are talking about it now. rand seems to say sea of thieves maybe while jez says flight sim

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Someone want to provide a specific quote? People love to drop the context and make things seem bigger than they are. Like… it’s a prediction show, was it a prediction?


Never mind, yall made me go to Other Era

Yeah I’m also curious what the actual specific rumour here

Hah I had seen your other post and had immedietely gone to resetera too but thank you for the link, I am sure others will find it useful for context too.

Worth noting - I also checked gamingleaksandrumours to see if they had anything and apparently natethehate is also saying Hellblade 2 is looking real good based on internal mock reviews. Might not be a bad thing if he does have a valid source.

HiFi rush on Switch makes sense honestly

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Yeah I saw a lot of people on the linked thread suggest that one. That’s a game I’d love to see hit a wider audience and bring more success to the team behind it.

It wouldn’t be this hardware, next Switch yes and if it’s going there it’ll hit PS5 too because why not.


Well if they do that , may as well get used to the "is it coming to PS " discourse with every game from now on. SMDH if true.


I wouldn’t be mad at Halo Infinite MP going multi platform tbh

I heard things were so bad they’ll be going 10th party!

Whatever Xbox does here I don’t see any scenario where they don’t still have a maior line up of exclusives - people can discourse as much as they like it won’t change that.

Hm, I dunno about that one - I’d love to see Infinite hit bigger numbers but I don’t know if it would actually benefit much from a wider release? Halo is such a specific fandom built off love and nostalgia for the overall franchise, and has resisted changing or modernising it’s format too much - I don’t know if it would have a strong enough success on other platforms that don’t have that built in Halo audience. Although, it did some pretty major numbers on PC when it launched so maybe it’d draw in enough people curious to play just give it a try.

The problem is that it’s a narrative that’s been building for a while and only getting stronger

If a single player game like HFR can come why not other stuff? You get someone on the fence of buying a PS or Xbox but see games from Xbox come to PS and decide, “oh HFR came over, maybe ES6 will too so I’ll just buy a PS now” and by the time ES6 comes they are already invested in PS instead of Xbox hammering home the message of “you want xbox games, then you better join our ecosystem”

PS and Switch understand the value of ecosystem exclusives, neither of them have to deal with this, Xbox just continually undermine their platform with dumb decisions


Yup this, in the end of the day, it’s on Microsoft to change this “narrative”, but they keep giving people reasons to either get their hopes up or question their plans on the Xbox brand. I feel like Microsoft is preparing something behind the scenes that are gonna be polarizing, and they are testing the waters.


This discussion again… lol.


If they were to theoretically release Hi Fi Rush on Switch, I would imagine the impact would be relatively small when in the same year they have the likes of Hellblade 2, Avowed and potentially more games releasing as solid Xbox platform exclusives.

Plus as you say - Xbox is an ecosystem. They’re on the verge of overtaking Playstation in terms of revenue despite only selling a third as much consoles built entirely off expanding their releases to PC, mobile and even other platforms already. Narratives can say what they like, Xbox is having plenty success regardless.