The ActiBliz acquisition taking 18 months is the worst case scenario right?


It’s possible it closes this year.

I also find it hilarious how many people are now experts on monopolies and anti trust. Fanboys literally trying to cause issues online to prevent the deal going through.


journalists too exposing their agenda i think xbox just broke them lol


They said it would close in FY2023, so yeah 18 months is the latest.


FY2023 is from July 1st 2022- June 20th 2023.

Fingers crossed this acquistiton goes through in July this year ! Enough time to cancel MW2 on Playstation and really give Xbox GamePass a huge huge bump in subs.

It’s good to see Xbox on top of things again, as an OG console owner.


That isnt accurate. FY2023 is this July 1st 2022 through June 2023. Completing this fiscal year is any time in that time frame. It could be October, January, or March, no one knows.

Edit, I re-read. It is accurate, my bad. I glossed over the “The latest” part at the end.

Thats what I get for forum browsing after doing a late night server upgrade.


I think the deal closes in Spring 2023. The Disney/Fox acquisition took approximately 15 months to close so I’ll say around the same here give or take.


I’m going a bit earlier. I’m going to say January. 12 months. The Disney/fox one was a bit messier than this should be.

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Was that not mainly due to the bidding process becoming messy though? I seem to recall the actual regulatory process ‘only’ taking 9 months and that included a full investigation by the FTC.

I personally feel the deal will be competed by January.


I agree. January seems like a good guess. 12 months.

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probably sometime in december or january.

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I place my bets on 10th March ‘23

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yes. the deal is set to close in the 2023 Fiscal year which starts in July of this year and ends in June of next year. Who knows when it’ll close. But I’m placing a personal bet of April of next year.

Perhaps we will get more in-depth in next week earnings call. It’s going to be the most interesting one yet. As everyone has said, yes, that’s the latest it can get, so who knows if it can happen earlier than proposition.

I think they finalize the deal this year as well.

They are bound to have learnt a lot from the Bethesda deal, so i think this should be quicker.


The dates given are what Microsoft and their advisors have as the expected time frames. It could clear quicker or it could take longer. Their Nuance acquisition was supposed to close before the end of 2021 but the UK government haven’t made their decision yet (the US & EU have approved it)

Would be nice if they could get it wrapped up by the end of the year.

Bethesda was announced in September, closed in March right?

That’s a time frame of 7 months

Announced on September 21, 2020. Completed on March 9, 2021. That’s 169 days, or 5 months 2 weeks and 2 days.