Thank you, Xbox One X, for 3 years of loyal, quiet service

I ordered both the Series X and S. Not sure what I’m going to do with my One X - might give it to my nephews, might keep it and give my nephews the Series S I’ve ordered. Either way, after 3 years, the One X will cease to be my primary console.

From showing me the galaxy in native 4K in Elite Dangerous (something I’d never expected to see on console), to blowing me away in Forza Horizon 3/4 and Forza 7, to throwing me into Gears 5 (The Coalition are the Unreal Engine wizards right now), to introducing me to HDR gaming. The One X was money well spent. It did everything I asked (and then some), and did so whisper quiet.

Its as if the One X allowed Team Xbox to get their mojo back, to build console hardware with a focus on gaming, unlike the original XB1. Going from 1.3TF to 6TF was quite a jump and helped to laid the groundwork for a lot of the good stuff incoming on November 10th.

So, here’s to you Xbox One X:

Your time was short, but you shall be remembered.


Well, with xCloud coming to Xbox One one day, you can still keep it for your nephews, so they would still be able to play next-gen games.

BC plus the sheer power of X made this my favorite generation ever.

So many great games that I had missed and could experience /finish with a flawless performance/visuals, plus all the new stuff.

It was short lived indeed but very intense.


in in the same boat my daughter has the Xbox one so she’s having my one x and the Xbox one is going in the Livingroom for family game night while I get to play on the series x in on my set up so every ones happy. really looking forward to the next gen its go so much promise

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Yeah, at this point I’ll keep the S as my bedroom console, my Series X as my lounge console and the One X should have a happy home at my nephews place. Showed them Forza Horizon 4 on the One X a few weeks ago and they were :dizzy_face:, my older nephew was saying ‘this is sick!’ - I’m old so I guess that means he liked it! :grinning:

Then told my niece about Game Pass and she was :dizzy_face:, I think she was going to buy a PS4 for her kids until I told her about the value for money Game Pass is offering right now.

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That too - was happy playing Gears 3 on the X a while ago and it looked and played great. They added hardware to deal with 360 textures for BC on the X, and it shows.

I offered my One X (which I got in April of this year) to like five different friends and they all turned me down. I told them I didn’t want any money for it, that between sharing my library and game pass they’d gain instant access to like 400 games, that it would come with free online since I was planning to maintain my GPU for the foreseeable future, even that I wasn’t expecting them to play with me or anything (I don’t like multiplayer). They’re all video game fans, and they’re not getting next-gen consoles for various reasons. I’m utterly bemused.

One of my favourite consoles.

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I actually just traded in my One X(Scorpio Edition) and my Pro to get store credit. Gave the credit to some good friends so they can get a Series S since I was lucky to get a Series X. It was tough at first but I realized that Im not going to play it anymore.(Gonna try and snag a Series S also)Im not a collector and now ALL those games I have are BC that run better. But anyways the One X was amazing. I knew, when Phil got in charge and made the One X, that MSFT would NEVER be the weaker console again. Anyways im rambling lol! 1 WEEK!!!

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Never had a One X, but always wanted one.

This generation has been very weird for me. I started on Xbox One, then when Sony made loads of exclusives I stuck with PS4 from like 2015-2019.

I saw Xbox acquire studios in 2018 which started peaking my interest. In 2019 I finally went back to Xbox for gamepass alone. Then realised PS4 still had more exclusives so went back to that.

Then Xbox announced its specs which was slowly selling me on that. Then the huge Bethesda announcement happen and now I’ll be Xbox exclusive.

So, in a way I don’t regret my constant console swapping, but wish I just stuck with Xbox and had PS4 for just Horizon/Uncharted. Surprised I got 100K GS with me not having the original Xbox, and not playing as much on Xbox One.

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One X was the best console I’ve ever owned.


One X is just the best gaming hardware microsoft has released to this day.

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Goodnight, sweet prince. You served us well and won’t be forgotten.

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Pretty much. I was hugely into the 360 ecosystem and even owned like 200 games. When they announced the Xbox One, I was so disappointed that I just had to go with the PS4. It was fun, but it wasn’t the same as being on Xbox. Then, they announced the One X, and I thought “maybe it’s time.” The killer combo of Gamepass + the power of the One X got me hooked once again, and I just trust the brand so much now that I’ll never leave. I can’t wait to get my hands ln the Series S and X. In the meantime I’ll get up to date with some of the games I missed on PS4, as I was very lucky to get a PS4 this week for an insanely cheap price. I’ll play all those niche JRPGs on there until I feel the need to upgrade to PS5.

I really think that the xb1x was basically a project that worked both as a console upgrade and also as some kind of “training” to know how much they could push their console development… And I think they succeeded at every level… Such an amazing console!


Even if the One X never has a line up as it own, I allways felt like it was a generational leap for Xbox One to X.

I loved her from the day I boot Gears 2 in 4K and realize the wizardry behind this powerful and yet quiet and beautiful piece of hardware.

When I played Forza Horizon 4 in 60 FPS I was blowing away, and then, play Ashen, Hellblade, even Crackdown 3, shit ton of enhanced titles, Gears 5 was spectacular, Ori and the Will of the Wisps too, Tell me Why was beautifull, Red Dead 2 was crazy too…

… Yes, One X will always be the Xbox One I will remember and fantastic taste of what the Series X will be about : best gaming experience on console <3


Just said goodbye to my 1X


I have two X but there are no trade-in deals in my country so I’ll just keep them around. The Gears LE One X I would have kept anyway, beutiful console! That one goes into my second gaming setup when the Series X arrives.

I’m still amazed by how quiet this console is. After two years of playing on my One X I decided to plug in my original PS4 again and holy shit. I genuinely couldn’t play that at night!

Im now using my og big boy xbox one. Surprising how fast the new OS runs on it.

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