Thank you (again), Game Pass

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is my gem too! Wouldn’t even have heard about it if not for Xbox Game Pass. That was a great game.

Waiting for my XSX to play wasteland 3. Still using Day One Xbox One and its starting to show its age with titles like this.

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I’m playing games I thought I’d never touch and loving them. It truly feels like being a kid going to Blockbuster and trying out different games over the weekend and being straight up entertained without breaking the bank.

I won’t be getting an XSX anytime soon but you’re completely right. The framerates, the resolution, they suffer with the latest games.

But the biggest draw for me? Quick Resume.

I’m playing through a few titles to finish those Gamepass rewards challenges, and I find myself wanting to play more. I thought I’d do the challenge and delete the game… But these are great games!

I have Man of Medan, F1 2019, Carrion, Soul Calibur, Human Fall Flat, Night in the Woods, and New Super Lucky’s Tale in progress, playing what I’m in the mood for (some days Carrion seems too dark and I want something lighthearted).

Quick resuming between all the titles exactly where I left off (because I jump into Fortnite when friends get on) is a God-send. If I’m waiting for a friend to jump on, I can play these games for even 5 minutes with no hesitation because it loads in 10 seconds and I can leave it exactly where I left off… for how I play it suits it perfectly.

And the sped up loading times are huge as well. Existing fighting games will load in a snap. Night in the Woods has a lot of short loading screens. 2-5 seconds depending on the place you’re going. It’s not overly bad, but it adds up due to the frequency. I feel like playing it on the XSX will completely eliminate that and that I should wait until I get one.