Thank you (again), Game Pass


First it was Stellaris, and now Wasteland 3 - two great games which I’m enjoying greatly and weren’t even on my radar.

I saw the trailer for Wasteland 3 and thought ‘this looks…interesting? Oh, its on Game Pass!’

10 minutes and one download later and I’m playing this gem of a game. The voice acting in Wasteland 3 is superb and really sells the mood the game is setting. Oh, its funny too! There’s a compelling storyline to this game with loads of side-missions too.

So, thanks Games Pass for introducing me to these great games. :+1:


Agreed. I simply adored Wastelands 3, I just would like it to have a newgame+ mode.


Glad to see you enjoyed it! This studio has huge potential for their next gen game project. Keep an eye on it!

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I rolled my eyes when they started using the “Find your next favorite game” phrase about a year or so ago, but I have found some “New favorite games” thanks to Gamepass. It truly is an incredible service that I can’t stop praising enough.


Katana Zero is so so good! Now one of my favourite indie “games” with The Messenger. The story surprised me in a good way in both of these games. 2 indie gems. Try them they are absolutely incredible! The OST in both…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

All of that because of Gamepass! “Discover your next favourite game!”

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I’ve been playing Hotshot racing in split screen with my 10 year old son. Absolutely awesome! looks like its running on a sega model 1 arcade board but in high definition and reminds me of virtua racing

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Annoyingly, I felt like they were looking at my switch purchase log, literally after I purchased, messenger, touryst, DQ11 & katana zero, they got announced for xbox.

So I never even played them on my switch and ended up double dipping.

So you didn’t play these games yet?

I would advise you to pick Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom too. Incredible game!

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I’ve played them all now and beat them all on xbox one (except DQ11, but I’ve preordered it, was only £35! Cost me £50 on the switch)

I have monster boy and the cursed kingdom, great game :slight_smile:

Have you played the bloodstained curse of the moon games? Really enjoyed both of them :slight_smile:

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Yep I played it too in fact I love Metroidvania style games or 2D games even retro gaming in general since I grew up with Sega & Nintendo. I often enjoy them more than some big games cause there is more focus & craft in these games due to less budget.

Hollow Knight is excellent & in the Gamepass try it.

Hollow Knigh sequel is coming.

So you totally finished The Messenger? Did you like it? Personally I loved it! Cause Sabotage Studios is working on a prequel in the same universe but as a retro turn based rpg planned to release in 2022 on PC & Consoles.

It is called Sea Of Stars, you’ll recognize the music (same guy behind the Messenger Epic OST) I think you will like it.

Here is the trailer

And here the presentation of the game


Wasteland 3 is literally addicting. I wake up thinking of the game, I sleep thinking of the game, I eat while thinking of the game. My god, the only game that made that kind of impact on me was Skyrim.


Finished that last night. Absolute gem of a game. Will definitely play it again in the future and make different choices.



Same as you guys, incredible game, true gem.

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I need to play it soon, but I’m saving it for my Series X. Should cut 10 hours or so of loading time :wink:

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I played through on my PC, eventually the load times got better after the most recent patch. They were dreadful even with the game installed on an SSD. I might do my 2nd playthrough on Series X actually.

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That’s the joy of Game Pass.

The ability to play games that you couldn’t justify buying but otherwise would just miss out on.

For me the gems of Game Pass included Operencia (Sadly gone), Demon’s Tilt, Supermarket Shriek, and others.

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Definitely one of the best games this year. I finished it a month ago but will jump back in eventually and do a hardcore playthrough on XSX.

I’ve had my eye on sea of stars, sadly I think it is a long while away, it looks awesome, the messenger I beat the base game & tapped out on the dlc with the ninja race for the life of I just can’t beat the 5th part of it.

Hollow knight I have, I purchased it the day it came out and haven’t played that one yet, lost in back log hell, along with a few other metroidvanias I wanted to get round to like luna nights, iconoclasts, chasm and plenty others haha


You can do the chase just try again another path it is not too hard but there is a bit of challenge indeed.

How dare you missing out on Hollow Knight!!!??? Lol hurry up play it. It is the best of all the ones you mentionned. Believe me.


While not new to me i saw they added tales of vesperia definitive edition over the weekend and now I want to replay it. I haven’t touched that games since it came out on 360. Gamepass is an unbeatable value.