Tangent 2.0: The Ring

This is a sequel to my first map, “The Ring”.

It is a stand-in for Octagon, strictly for 1v1 Slayer with another player or a bot.

Just like the 2.0 update of “The Ring”, this one adds a new element to the map to bring some of what I learned in Forge to my original “Ring” maps…

NEW Features

  • Slightly more beautiful.
  • “Rings of Tower”: Seek the green orb to enjoy a new vantage point on the map, the Space Elevator, a sky-high tower made up of rings. Fitting!
  • You have one life while on this Rings of Tower/Space Elevator. Dying respawns you back at the main purple combat Ring.

For now, there are 2 levels:

Level 7 - Departures:
  • This area has the same Weapon Chooser from my last 2.0 update to original Ring map. The map will remember your chosen weapons and keep that loadout on subsequent respawns.
  • Also on Level 7 is the much larger Vehicle Ring, play around with some of the vehicles while enjoying the view! Great place to relax or 1v1 with vehicles and more intense weaponry. Don’t fall off!
  • But if you want to fall you should visit…

Level 0 - Engineering:
  • If you can survive the jump down the middle of the Space Elevator all the way to the bottom, you can explore “Engineering”, which introduces the Weapon Fusion area. Combine any weapon and enjoy! Seek the green orb to return to Level 7.
  • Be careful! The fall takes about 9 seconds, and you only have 10 seconds to make it to the “safe zone” before dying. One try: failure spawns you back at the main purple combat Ring.
  • Bring your fused creation back to Level 7 to destroy some vehicles and launch them off the Space Elevator.

In future updates I plan on bringing more levels to the “Rings of Tower”. But for now, I figured adding Level 0 and Level 7 would be a good start.