Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League trailer hits at DC Fandome. Showcases a corrupted Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and more

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A brand new trailer hit for Suicide Squad vs. the Justice League today at the DC Fandome event. It showcased Taskforce X being freed from prison by Amanda Waller (like always), and it consists of Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot.

The original trailer showcased a corrupted Superman, but this one added in appearances by Wally West’s Flash, Green Lantern, and a possibly not corrupted Wonder Woman as flashes were seen of her fighting Superman. The Batmobile and Penguin were also on hand with the Penguin using his Batman Arkham character model. The game is listed as a 2022 release for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.


That was lots of fun. Wish we could see some gameplay, but I guess it makes sense for them to wait until after Gotham Knights is out before they ramp up that much.


Looks good but sadly, doesn’t appeal to me at all.

What is turning you off? Aren’t you interested in Guardians?

Honestly, the entire thing. I would rather be playing as an evil Superman to be honest. Maybe when they eventually show gameplay and the structure, I will change my mind but as of now, just not getting into it.

As for Guardians, that’s 50/50. If it scores 60’s or something, it’s gone. It has to be somewhat good. Plus, it’s pure single player. Has Suicide Squad been confirmed to be playable solo or is it just pure co-op?

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But are we getting gameplay from Gotham Knights at all today I wonder.

I think they said you could play it solo and the other teammates would be ai controlled from what I remember from last year

We are.

It makes sense we would since we did last year

If that’s true, then that increases my interest. Just need to see gameplay and the structure.

I see now. I thought the whole gaming stuff started at 10 but it seems they dropped the trailers itself early on with more in depth stuff at 10 I guess then.

Yea does look good tho I’m excited but cautious I’m sure gameplay will be good knowing rocksteady

There was no schedule, they want people to have to stay all 4 hours. The Gotham Knights section hasn’t happened.

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True. Rocksteady is an excellent development studio so that’s definitely a huge positive.

Gotham Knights trailer leaked earlier and there was no gameplay in it. It was a story cinematic trailer.


Here’s the link to the leaked Gotham Knight trailer. I just checked it. It’s still up on YouTube.

That looked good odd no gameplay considering we saw it last year

last year there was a trailer and gameplay so there is still hope .

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Almost everything here (except the things in the far future) are getting multiple videos and an interview section. I’m sure that’s not all they’re showing.