Starfield |OT| You're Finally Awake... In Space!

That’s a good point, I was tyring to think what you would use to heal or somthing, But now you say that I remember thier video on it.

Starfield: Location Insights (Developer Commentary) - Neon - YouTube

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I’m still wondering with what kind of gore they are gonna come with, probably not dismemberment like Skyrim and Fallout, but at the same time…why not? I would welcome it but it’s not a necessity, like I definitely feel it is in Fallout with VATS and Skyrim with some of those finishers. I do expect some blood effects at the least though.

I’d really welcome a VATS equivalent though, but it probably won’t be happening.

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Oh yeah, guess they could have it as a healer or as a way to gain a combat advantage, though the latter might make it too similar to things like the outer worlds, not grounded enough.

Yeah, I’m not sure if it would fit the tone here or not. Hard to say.

Im only expecting blood spatter, but the Australian rating has kind of thrown me. Our rating laws are pretty crazy, but i havent seen anything close to high impact violence.


Come June we should find out, unless they tone it down for the show, but in my opinion they don’t need to.

Yup, that.

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Aside from decapitation heads Skyrim did not let you cut limbs.

Skyrim got a USK 16 in Germany funny enough :smiley: I guess fantasy is differently viwed compared something more grounded in reality.

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Really cool vid

Anyone else super excited about the prologue? I always love how BGS games start. Especially Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3, loved it. Fallout 4 too, but not as much. But it’s always a special event really, if that’s the right wording. I really hope Todd won’t show it at E3, but he’s never done that before, no reason to start with that now.

Looking forward to just that so much, always a special moment.


Bethesda intros are always top tier. Hopefully they do another live action trailer like fallout 4.

I’m looking forward to both step out moments. I’m assuming one when you first reach the planets surface and another when you are first in space.


Yeah, I’ve actually been wondering if we might start out on earth and then head into space. Or maybe not. It would be really cool. Hopefully we won’t learn about it before playing it. I certainly won’t read any reviews before playing the game. Leave it to some reviewers to spoil shit.

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Good one! Could definitely be something like that. I’m gonna watch a lot of space/sci-fi movies one-two months before the release of the game to really get in the mood for it. Alien, Aliens, Interstellar, Sunshine, Event Horizon, Apollo 13, Moon and so on.


I’m a big Astronomy guy, The only thing i think are official is New Atlantis is located in Alpha Centauri star system, the closest Star to our Star the Sun. about 4.6 lightyears away. The rest seem to be guess.

The other big piece of information on Starfield that we have thanks to the ACB rating is that it will have no sex. Sex was rated as having the lowest impact category, none, with nudity being given a very mild impact rating. Mechanically this suggests that romance as a whole is not a part of Starfield, something that comes as a disappointment for people who enjoy being able to build relationships with companions in games. Even past Bethesda games have had the option to marry characters. Any romance that does make its way into Starfield will be squeaky clean, except for all the drugs and violence you will be partaking in with your companions.

Would you care if it’s not in the game? I personally don’t care that much.

Kind of weird article, there is romance in Starfield. I dont think a bethesda game has ever had sex (outside of mods).

Hmmm, well, In Fallout 4 however we were able to have sex with the lady at a bar in the other smaller town. Forgot the name.

Oh I stand corrected you are right.

In regards to Starfield im not really bothered by it, I do hope there is a bonding type system with companions, even if its not getting freaky.

I’ll just stick to Jesse’s review here on Xbox era. Never ruins it with spoilers and his taste in games seems to mirror my own.


Do you see it, though? If not, then it probably has little to no bearing on the rating.

just a ‘fade to black’ moment. and it doesn’t explicitly stated that player had a sex with the npc.