Starfield |OT| You're Finally Awake... In Space!

Couldn’t agree more. An hour into playing with 40/Visuals and I swear I’ve compared shots I took from launch period to today’s and I’m definitely noticing better image quality on top of the performance upgrade (can’t recall to what extent FSR has been tweaked).

Things like this are precisely why I keep pushing back on the need for an Xbox refresh; I’d be more than willing to wager there’s still a lot of juice to squeeze from the XSX, at least, and as I said years ago, COVID just severely slowed that usual on-ramp to the “real” next-gen software (for PS5 as well obviously).

Edit: no idea what word autocorrect was trying to replace for “Visuals”. Gods I hate Apple these days.


I agree that there’s plenty more to squeeze out of the Xbox Series X (and PlayStation 5 as well) but don’t worry, Microsoft isn’t doing a “pro” model or anything this generation which makes sense and even more so if they’re planning on releasing their next generation console in Fall 2026.

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What’s everyone playing with? Food healing, effects and advanced combat has been a game changer.

I’m having trouble understanding planetary afflictions… I don’t know if I’m just stupid, but I can’t see how well my suit is holding up in different conditions.

I will let it sink in more, but so far it just pushes the game into such a great territory. I’m actually exploring those little nooks for food and chems, giving me back that fallout exploration with such a little change.

Add the need to eat as well and that’s pretty much my settings. As for the suit, I don’t think the protection it has is enough even when we improve it(need to actually test it out as I don’t know if the new settings improve protections), which is why I’m planning on getting the perks that add an extra 10 to each protection.

But mostly for the final version of it which gives us a 20% chance to not get sick from environmental Hazzard. Then I will get the perks which increases chance to heal from naturally, for the times I do get sick.

They fixed the black level crush and upped the lighting system with Update 2. Game is legitimately gorgeous.


Buddy of mine plays Fallout 4 in survival mode and honestly that sounds like a whole different experience altogether. Does Starfield now have something similar? I might actually restart my game and go with that. I read here about the need to eat and stuff.

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Kind of, FO4 survival was great (when I was more ‘hardcore’) no fast travel, could only save with sleep, disease was a bigger deal (but I forget why).

This could be adjusted to turn it up 11, but essentially, it’s about incorporating some survival elements (how afflictions operate, food, weight) and dialing in a more rewarding experience. I find it preferable because I can simply disable the features I dislike (ship cargo distance, vendor credits).

A new playthrough isn’t necessary, as it effectively revitalizes the current game mechanics. It renders many previously ineffectual skills valuable and enhances the significance of exploration and afflictions, all without turning it into an entirely hardcore experience.


Not sure I want to jump back in just yet despite the great update, kinda want to wait for Creation Kit for all the insanity to drop

I hope the GB limit is way larger tja Skyrim, because we can expect to see some truly crazy shit then.

Couldn’t agree more, and welcome to the community!


It absolutely is; I was aware of those changes but unless my eyes deceive, it seems like the material quality and texture resolution is greater. I need to see if I still have a shot of the Ryujin boss before this patch but her outfit looks considerably sharper and more detailed than memory.


I notice it on terrain, at least on my little series s. I wish I had some old screenshots because mipmapping seems much more natural at a distance also.

Can be hard to tell when I’m trying not to die from environmental exposure burns and running for cover.

Edit: Also a cool gameplay hook with afflictions, many often do damage overtime, so you can’t just cheese it and fast travel back to your ship (since your taking a damage)


Still running around New Atlantis, I’m trying to earn the 57k credits I need to buy a ship of my own before leaving. It will likely involve stealing and selling one near by, but so far I have made 39k.

I also took some images of some of the placed npc around the city, that have very specific conversations. As well as one of Nilesh, an NPC that has a quest I never encountered before.


This starting to sound like it’s getting its bit by bit Cyberpunk effect.

For HDR, default settings are the best (2.40 , 0.00), except for HDR lighting which should be pushed to 1.00 (default 0.80).


Regardless of the internet narrative the game was in much better shape then Cyberpunk at launch, it really was the least Buggy Bethesda game ever and was an actual success at launch.

Sucks the media and fanboys tried so hard for so long to change that reality.


Well I meant the update is getting those who were indifferent a second look and think “this is now speaking to me.”

I made enough money to buy a ship! Most of the money was done through questing and selling items I wasn’t going to use.

Unfortunately, I juat stole a ship from Ecliptic merca and it has particle weapons which was the reason I wanted the other ship. Now I have to go to wolf system to sell some black market stuff and decide if I keep the shop or start fresh with this one.

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I just ended up stealing all of my ships and upgrading them as needed. :smile:


For me making the money is more of a proof of concept, there was this post on reddit about how it would be more immersive if we couldn’t join constellation without acquiring our own ship. I remember responding that getting a ship is easy, because we can hijack them planet side, hijack them in space no problem.

Twice now I have stolen a ship, one from a farm in a pervious playthrough and now this Ecliptic one. So, the harder way to get a ship is to earn that money and then buy it, but this ship I got has EM, Missiles and Particle weapons so I’m tempted.