Sources: EA has greenlit a Fight Night revival, but it’s ‘on pause’


Nice! Personally, I’d pause UFC and get this out first, but I may be a bit biased, as I could never get into UFC :slight_smile:


I cant imagine a boxing game being all that popular nowadays

UFC/MMA has completely overshadowed boxing the last decade

Now that there’s a competitive heavyweight division with interesting fighters again, I’m sure it’ll be popular enough.

Boxing is on the rise again now, the sport seems to fall and rise on the heavyweight division alone, and that’s been pretty interesting of late with the dramatic Fury Wilder trilogy, Usyk taking AJ’s belts etc.

Personally more interested in eSports Boxing club than this as it seems more a labour of love than your usual clinical EA sports stuff, but would still like to see what they can do with a next gen Fight Night.