Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series August 26th

Yes! Finally <333

Will buy this to cover the cost of Phils beer on the next trip to Japan :+1:t4:


Only just hit me I wonder if this is that SEGA partnership giving us it’s fruit once again.

This is certainly Atlus/Sega testing the waters on Xbox. Supporting this game should be a priority, also, it does looks like Persona 5, which should help it even further.


It would seem this lady in the front is our protagonist, the trailer has her as the playable character, and you can get Persona 5 costumes (as well as music) that dress her as a female version of the P5 protag (looks better than the actual P5 protag lol)

Also, fuck it, new profile picture. This is now probably my most anticipated game of the year so far.

Those costumes + the Persona 5 music = basically playing P5 on Xbox haha.


Day-one purchase and hopefully this leads to potentially SMT5 coming to Xbox as well. Might still pick up a switch copy just in case but with the geforce leak, a man can dream :yum:

This entire game looks like it was built on top of the Persona 5 gameplay style, I really hope people get this game, I know I will.


You know what? No Switch? Japanese audiences will be hungering for that portable option… there’s this little thing called Xcloud… Would be smart to get this on there ASAP (I do NOT expect it at launch, but it’d be a very big draw for JP subscribers I’d say)

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Those demon models in the trailer are straight up SMT V assets. They’re straight from the game. Atlus is known for reusing the demon models (why wouldn’t they), but that at least means that Nintendo doesn’t have ownership of the game’s assets or anything. Could at least leave the door open for it.

Some good news this morning at least. Will pre-order. Do we know if worldwide release?

Not much info right now, though it launches on Steam on the 26th (day after console), so I think that’s our Western release date. Can’t think of any JP game that launched on Steam and wasn’t also a Western release


Anyone else find it odd that there’s a seperate ‘Windows’ logo aside the Steam logo? Not saying it directly hints at something but if MS manages to get this game on both the Windows Store and Xbox… would be really sweet. Game Pass would be even better but one miracle a day I guess hahah

I saw it. It probably does mean Windows Store. However, KOFXV did this too (launched on Windows Store) and did not come to Game Pass day 1 , so I no longer believe that means anything.


That’s because the game is coming to the Windows store like KOFXV.

Finally! Everyone needs to support this game. It’s a day one for me despite having an overwhelmingly massive backlog. This is just something you need to buy day one.

Put your money where your mouths are, everyone.


Western version trailer went up with subtitles. It confirms we are getting the game in the West on August 26th


Yeah there’s no other way around it, day one period.

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Now I want to see Phil Spencer retwiting the announcement with the Xbox logo and says: “Bitches, I heard you”. :philwins:

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Eh, not a big fan of blind pre-ordering, but it’s definitely on my radar. I’m def buying it, but its up to game developer to sell game and not up to community to blind pre-ordering to support a game because a good game speaks for itself