Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series August 26th

I’m probably gonna get both. Waiting on the digital one in case MS do that reward thing. Really pisses me off How you pre order a game and then it goes on that 2000 point reward activity and you miss out. You have to end up cancelling it and then rebuying it.

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I wonder if Xbox accunt will tweet it. As it seems Xbox does not promote the game much (only Playstation does that).

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Finally some xbox gameplay!!!

New trailer too


I am fairly torn if I want to pre-order the deluxe addition for the extra “stuff” and to try and bait Atlus to bring more to Xbox. :fearful:


I’m still working on getting a review code…

Hurry! :grin: My pre-order depends on it. Mostly. Kind of. A bit. :wink:

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Man, I’m so late on this now. I can’t imagine I beat this before launch even if I get it soon. I’ll try though!

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Im getting the 70 dollar version. Comes with the story dlc. The 90 version is a waste.

And with the cloud gamepass leak im 100 percent buying this digital now. Being able to play this via cloud is a huge deal especially for turn based 100 hour rpgs.

Im still waiting to pre order incase SH2 is part of reward program.


This is where I’m at. Interested in the story DLC. Hoping some rewards get tied to it. I’ll likely jump on it if it all comes together.

With how long it takes me to get through JRPGs now, Persona may have to wait. I may help fudge the numbers and download and got through a prolog or some such for initial engagement metrics. I doubt it matters, but helps me feel I’m doing my part beyond “just a purchase” (or GP subscription).

Ive already pencilled in my time for P5R

The fsct that both can be played via xcloud makes it easier for me to complete them

Its one of the reasons i put 20 odd hours into the ps4 version of P5 and just fell off it. Not the games fault i just didnt have time to sit on my couch to play the game.

Elden ring has taken me 4 months to beat and i only put 100 hours into it. Compare that to the 75 hours i spent on DQXI which i beat in a month with 60 hours of that played via Xcloud. Now im never going to play ER via the cloud but turn based rpgs are great for it.

This is me (but in a recliner). I can’t say how long JRPGs take me to complete. I often have to leave them on pause or safe screen while I “real life.” It’s a huge reason I have such a back log. So many RPGs and so little free time. I did appreciate Tales of Arise for save nearly anywhere for this.

I need to dig more in to remote play and Xcloud. I’ve tinkered a bit, but I’m not a fan of gaming on small screens. Not even on an undocked switch (I have a new OLED model.)

I am also noticing I’m a bit jaded with … less mature RPGs. It’s harder to keep my suspension of disbelief. I’m hoping Soul Hackers is that nice balance.

Well, in the worst case, I have tons in my library for long vacations or retirement in 30+ years.

I can’t wait to play Soul Hackers 2! I never though about playing it on my iPad with Xcloud but I might! I bought the $99 dollar edition

Just 10 days left!

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Just found out that Soul Hackers 2 will apparently be a part of the Summer Spotlight event. If you have access to Microsoft Rewards, that means that buying any edition of SH2 will instantly satisfy the requirement for the punchcard, and you’ll receive 5000 points (About 5.50 USD) for it.

It’s also possible that there’ll be a pre-order or regular punchcard for it, which would net you 5000-6000 points.

This is in addition to the 1200-1800 points you would get from the regular purchase and the $4.20-$6.30 you could get from Bing Rebates.

TLDR: If you want to buy this game day 1 or pre-order it, keep an eye on the Rewards app on your console. You might be able to get some nice points/cash back for it.


Thanks! This is exactly why I haven’t pre-ordered yet.


I think this game will count as a summer spotlight game, so you could get points there. It would be dope if there’s a quest to buy game, so points stack. Anyway, def buying but waiting to see if there’s a quest

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I bought Digimon Survive and it didn’t contribute to Summer Spotlight. But I did buy the UK version which was 12 bucks cheaper…so I guess I’m not really saving money on it.

Famitsu Score for Soul Hackers 2: 9/9/10/10 [38/40]


Higher than Famitsu’s score for SMT5. Rooting for Atlus to have a hit on their hands