Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series August 26th

True but the story pack and booster items seem to be worth the extra money but an extra £10 for costumes and a monster I’ll never use seems more like a waste.

Booster items I’m not going anywhere near tbh… I don’t like items that make game easy. Story is of course worth it…but those BGM packs…I might buy those. I have to anyway as I ordered the CE.

Since I’m now meant to be an adult with “responsibilities”, booster items are a more welcome addition when I don’t have as much free time as I once did.

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This… this so much like you mean I can cut the grind on this JRPG for 10.00 yes please

It’s like I’ve been grinding levels in Octopath for about 10 hours now and it’s took me a month. I love RPG’s but I don’t have the time for them like I once did and I just need to accept that


I am lucky for things like octopath as it’s an easy to play when working game sometimes I can have upwards of 20+ hours of “downtime” where I need to sit and wait for work to be assigned so there has been times where I am just paid to play Xbox at nights But outside that normal life and friends wanting to coop makes JRPGs harder of an investment


I tried playing through the cloud at work and it works fine but I just can’t get into it the same way

I don’t know much about SH2 really but if it’s like Persona where you have downtime inbween the main story, that’s really the balance I’m looking for

Gave up on octopath after finishing 3rd chapters for most characters. The story is just uninteresting and random battles got annoying.

That is true, it’s a traditional RPG in all ways, I like the combat system and world though so I’m sticking with it. Just got to do the final boss.

No way I’m outting myself through trying to get all the achievements, some of them are ridiculous

I just did the 8 hour one and gonna restart felt like I broke the game doing that :frowning:

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Yeah I bet it’s possible but not worth it for 50G

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Yep, they definitely sound like an anime video game English voice cast.

Cant wait

Feel like the persona xbox announcements sort of overshadowed SH2. Buy it does come out in augudt so hopefully the hype can start again

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To be fair, the Persona games are a different order of magnitude here. I’m barely aware of Soul Hackers and I played the entire thing.

Bluntly, the announcement of Soul Hackers 2 mostly served as bellwether as far as I’m concerned. I’ll certainly buy and play it, but it was more exciting as proof that Atlus finally noticed there was a market that isn’t Nintendo/Sony/PC. Now we know that they’re on board, if only a little. It’s critical to show that there’s a fanbase here.

Makes sense though. Where is Soul Hackers and where is Persona in mind share? I do think that SH2 should launch in Game Pass.

I’d certainly appreciate that, but if it had to be between SH2 or even just one Persona game getting on GP, I would go for Persona, even though I already played them to death. It’s a proven series, it serves as a great indicator that Atlus are willing to get in bed with Xbox, and it’s a great way to grow a userbase (like we saw with Yakuza).

What? Persona collection is coming to Game Pass, I don’t see P6 launching in Game Pass though. So it is a question if SH2 is launching in Game Pass or not. I think it should, but who knows.

I’m well aware that the Persona games are coming to Game Pass. I was saying that in a hypothetical choice between SH2 and even just one of the Persona games, I would prefer the Persona game even though it would be of less value to me personally.

I don’t think there was a choice like that though. But I agree that getting mainline Person games was more important that SH2 Day 1 GP release.