Sony removing Cyberpunk from Store + giving full refunds

This is ridiculous in my opinion when games like Fallout 76, Anthem, Life of Black Tiger and countless others are still available for purchase.

One thing that’s funny - Cyberpunk 2077 is now a digital console exclusive for Xbox. LMAO.


I just beat this game on Series S and never had a game breaking moment and the framerate was a solid 30fps throughout. Does this apply to PS5? I thought the PS5 version was mostly fine?

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Hopefully offer an equivalent full refund policy for Cyberpunk, no questions asked.

He agrees with you :grinning:



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Fallout 76 and Anthem actually work now so I dont get that comment. Plus Anthem’s problem was content.

Especially since anthem bricked a few PS4s. Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t from what I’ve heard.

I imagine this means CDPR will be doing anything they can to get those patches out faster, and unfortunately, that likely includes crunch.

Anthem bricked PS4 consoles literally. Fallout 76 is still a disaster according to WilmyHood and the Iron Lords that im watching right now. Even COD: BOCW literally turns off his Series X. There’s plenty of games that have major issues but funny how everyone is simply singling out CDPR and Cyberpunk.

There have been plenty of games way worse than Cyberpunk 2077 and nothing even close like this happened. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was a disaster for me on PS4 and it was never pulled.

Yeah, Anthem had a lot of issues and still does.


In general, CDPR should have delayed Cyberpunk 2077 to May 2021. No argument with this whatsoever but at the same time, Sony/Microsoft shouldn’t have certified the game. Plain and simple.

Fallout 76 is absolutely not a disaster right now at all. Turned itself around into a pretty decent game and now its super solid with wastelanders. Very active and nice community too.

I think from the Outside its very easy for people to call for delays but reality isnt like that and this game just needed to get out.

Not according to the podcast im currently watching. They’ve had more issues now than they did at launch. Not talking about content though.

I agree completely. Sometimes, games simply need to get released and that’s it but in this scenario, im sure if CDPR saw that everything would get to this extent, they probably would have delayed the game.

I mean they can say that about 76 but I played a good chunk of the game to tell you its anything but a disaster.

CDPR couldn’t have imagined that prematurely releasing Cyberpunk for the holidays could end this badly for them. It’ll take a decade to rebuild their reputation to where it was after The Witcher 3, if they can ever make it there.

Fair enough but it could always be that some players have issues and others don’t like with every game.

The difference between Cyberpunk and those games is that their developers didn’t just go to Twitter and said that everyone was entitled to a refund. Thousands of people issued Sony for a refund… Sony was refusing the refunds based on their Term of Services, which gave them some bad press. Then Sony went all in, refunded everyone and removed the game from the store. Now CDPR are the bad guys again.


I feel sorry for the developers who are affected by the management decisions.

Giving every consumer who wants a refund is the right call, regardless of arbitrary lengths of play, especially with so many patches being released in a short timeframe.

I have it purchased for SeriesX but haven’t even started it, way too many games I’m trying to finish off first.

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They shouldn’t have certified it but I believe CDPR said the game would be fixed by launch. Several games can be really rough before the day one patch, as I’ve seen first hand by not installing the updates. CDPR rushed the console version and by their own admission neglected it and this is the consequence.