Sony Backpedals, 'Helldivers 2' Will No Longer Require PSN Linking on PC


My response: f*ck the fanboys who were bootlicking Sony over this & insulting PC players.

This shows a good old fashioned riot actually yields tangible results. So well done PC gamers for creating a massive sh*tstorm, i.e. it’s the only way these companies get the message & remove anti-consumer policies.


The whole weekend did expose many bias and bad takes from many users, including using Xbox as their defense when the circumstance is completely difference. If anything, it only makes us wonder if Microsoft was worldwide enough to grasp more followers. Now that PC or rather gamers won, how they all really feel now.

What I can’t stand are the arrogant Sony fanboys (including many staff on PS and general gaming media) who think PC gamers should shut up, be grateful with what they’re given by lord Sony and accept their diktats.

It’s the same crowd that thought Game Pass was for poor people until Sony did something similar and defend price rises and nickel and diming by Sony.

They don’t accept PC gamers have also paid their entry fee so deserve equal treatment to them, that Sony should have been very clear in big bold letters from the start if PSN was going to be required and shouldn’t have been selling in countries that don’t have it.

They also seem to think PC gamers should be grateful they get Sony games at all - rather than the reality that they often get them much later, badly ported and at full price with worse service than the console crowd.

That’s the kind of mindset Sony has often encouraged with its console wars bullshit, enabling and feeding this crowd to try and push the “premium experience” junk - and they’re by far one of the worst parts of gaming and the reason I’m always so reluctant to eventually get a PlayStation to catch up on games and with my PS friends…

(Yes there are many normal PlayStation gamers who don’t react like this and are much more reasonable, it’s just this toxic group shout louder and in many places seem to be in gaming media itself, for example PushSquare’s editors are annoyed Sony backed down)


There’s already efforts out there by certain folks to attempt to rewrite this narrative. They’re pitching it as simply “any account linking pc games is bad”. Just to defend Sony. This is disappointing behavior to see, but exactly what we’ve grown accustomed to expect from biased games media.


Yep I’ve seen claims it’s plastered all over Steam in big bold letters front and centre from the start - but it wasn’t, they added that after the announcement.

And yes they’re using Xbox / Microsoft login as a comparison, failing to realise Microsoft are upfront about it, explain why and are available in many countries.

It’s not comparable, and they seem to think PC gamers sticking together as a community to defend the rights of those in countries without PSN or don’t like the requirement and Sony not being upfront about it is them having a tantrum or “bullying” Sony (which is hilarious).

The relationship with Arrowhead is what their fans should be more worried about - it does feel like they and Sony may fall out over this


Xbox will tell you before making a move. You either accept it or skip the game. HD2 wasn’t warned or made a mention that down the road, it will be required. Instead, they treat you special, only to expose the true nature when they least expected. GoT on PC release already warned folks that it will require to play online.

As many have said, PC players for this game is the true carrier. Losing them would be a disaster.


So far, it went back to 56%. Give it time. Player count was always going to be the same pace regardless until the once planned effect goes through.

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Great decision by Sony to reverse the PSN linking requirement even though they never should have implemented it in the first place. All these companies should know by now, stop forcing/requiring people to do things that they may not want or be willing to do. Always make these things optional and leave it up to the consumer/user/gamer to decide.

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To be pedantic, they didnt say they wouldn’t move forward with PSN Account linking. They simply said “the May 6th update will not be moving forward”.

So plenty of ways for them to proceed.


It will be most likely required for cross-progression. And maybe then they will require it only in supported regions.

account linking is not usually a problem because every other system is available in most countries. Even the crappy Epic Store is available in almost any country on this planet.

As good as this is and it is a win, what is to stop say Sony in a few months is to say, we’ve decided to incorporate linking after all. I personally think the damage is already done, because of that scenario.

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Its already bounced back in sales and review score. As much as I hate dogpiling at least people did reverse course with the news.